Joana Sanz asks Dani Alves for a divorce; he refuses to see her Halftime

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Joana Sanz He not only deleted from his social networks the photographs with Daniel Alvesand also asked for a divorce from the soccer player, who is in preventive detention accused of sexual assault on a 23-year-old girl in Barcelona.

The model recently lost her mother and now she has to bear the situation of her still husband, and although at first it was said that she supported him, the version changed.

In the Sonsoles program, Sanz had defended him; However, after making some evidence known, she does not want to support him and through the lawyers, she has asked Alves for a divorce.

Also, the former cougars He has rejected a ‘vis a vis’ with her, according to ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’.

It should be remembered that she expressed her pain and clarified that she was not in favor of Alves, since the message “Heart, please endure so much pain” was for herself and not for her husband.

“Lie. Do not misrepresent or misinterpret what I say. ‘My heart, please endure so much pain’ is a message for me, for my state of mind,” he said.

Thus, Alves no longer has the support of his partner, with whom he began a relationship in 2015. His mother and brother continue to support him.

I had already broken the silence

A few days ago, Joana Sanz broke the silence after the arrest of Dani Alves by posting a message on her social networks in which she asked the media to respect her space and have empathy for the footballer.

“My mother has passed away a week ago, I have barely begun to assume that she is no longer around to be tormented with my husband’s situation. I have lost the only two pillars of my life, have a little empathy instead of looking for so much news in other people’s pain, thank you, ”she published.

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