Joao Félix highlights the important role of Cristiano Ronaldo

Portuguese striker Joao Félix spoke about the importance of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Seleçao group.

Young Portuguese striker, Joao Felix, says Cristiano Ronaldo is more important than ever for his country’s national team.

Despite his difficulties with Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo remains indispensable for the Portuguese selection. And this will rely heavily on him at the next World Cup. It will be the 5e final phase of the fivefold Ballon d’Or.

“Cristiano Ronaldo always gives us advice”

“From the beginning, he always greets those who arrive,” Felix revealed of CR7. “He always welcomes them, gives us advice, helps us in training as well as off the pitch, whether at the table or otherwise.”

Joao Felix now feels comfortable in Fernando Santos’ team and says Ronaldo has a lot to do with it: “He always gives us advice and helps us with whatever is necessary”.

Cristiano Ronaldo started on Saturday in the Seleçao match against the Czech Republic in the Nations League. For once and despite the great success of his team (4-0), the former Merengue did not score.

Next Tuesday, Portugal will challenge Spain in a match that will look like a final. A draw will ensure the Portuguese a presence in the Final Four of the competition.

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