Joaquín Montecinos confirmed the rumor that links him to America

Joaquín Montecinos, a figure from Tijuana, confirmed that he could have passed to America in the past.

Montecinos showed admiration for America.
© picture 7Montecinos showed admiration for America.

America Yesterday he got another great result that brought him closer once again to his great goal of entering the Repechage of the Liguilla. With three games to play, he climbed to seventh position (it should be noted that he has one more game than the rest of his competitors) and even settled a few units from the direct classification.

Criticism for the formation of the squad decreased over time, as well as sidelong glances at the new additions and foreign footballers. One of those who was very close to joining that list, and who also played a great game a few hours ago at the Caliente Stadium, was Joaquin Montecinos.

In a chat with Fox Sports pre-engagement, the Chilean revealed that he could have landed in Las Águilas: “I had the opportunity to get there. From there I learned a little how big it is. You realize everywhere that almost everyone is from America, it’s impressive. You ask someone and they say ‘I like Xolos but I also like America'”.

In turn, the winger had anticipated what the match finally was: “They told me at the club that there will be many yellow shirts, that it will be filled with people from America, that this is very common and that it happens everywhere. Everywhere you go there are people from America. There one realizes how big it is and for that reason you have to be with your senses full because any mistake can be expensive.

discounted on the scoreboard

The international with his team scored the discount goal of Tijuana 31 minutes into the first half, which kept his cast alive until Álvaro Fidalgo’s final goal at the end.

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