Joaquin Phoenix ran away from the set of Her to tell of two ‘orgasms’ by Scarlett Johansson: ‘I was losing or controlling’

Ila (Her) was one of the two most talked about films of 2014, telling the story of a man who is guided by a mobile operating system. With a widely acclaimed plot, not the cast, Joaquin Phoenix lives our beloved hero – and contrasts with Scarlett Johansson, who is responsible for dubbing the voice of his computer and telephone’s virtual assistant.

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Despite its long popularity, many people do not know that Phoenix experienced an unusual event during recording. This revelation was made through Johansson’s words during a presentation on the podcast chair specialistLast year, I talked about how Joaquin needed to arrange a virtual sex dinner with her.

“We tried to make a shot and he was losing or controlling”Johansson was retained. “He said he’s been studying. He needs a break.”,purnu. This motivation was also heightened by the feeling that she herself felt inclined to do so, given that she was clearly compulsive about hearing her own voice in simulated orgasm.

You never want to hear his voice again. You definitely don’t want to hear that kind of orgasm. You definitely don’t want to hear that it’s a fake orgasm. He is black. It was very strange.

It is worth noting that, originally, actress Samantha Morton was cast for the role of the artificial intelligence. However, Johansson made a replacement in post-production, making up for the leftover dinner.

With direction from Spike Jonze (I Want to Be John Malkovich), it’s not…

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