Joc Pederson attacks three team owners in the MLB

Outfielder Joc Pederson attacked three specific team owners for not spending much money in MLB free agency.

The issue of spending within baseball teams has continued to be a problem in the MLB and Joc Pedersen he knows.

Low payrolls and bad teams have long been part of America’s pastime, going as far as colluding with players to manipulate free-agent market prices.

Today, it mostly takes the form of team owners refusing to spend a lot of money on their equipment. The new outfielder for the San Francisco Giants, Joc Pedersenhad no mercy to refer to the subject:.

“Embarrassed for your fan base…be better. If you can’t, sell your team to someone who wants to show the fan base and baseball that they’re at least trying to compete. I feel unacceptable,” says Pederson.

It is evident how the Cleveland Indians have let go of many of their star players without first spending money to extend them, the same thing happens with the Pittsburgh Pirates, who have generated many players who are stars today, but failed to shine with them. without first being changed in the MLB.

The Baltimore Orioles payroll is less than 14 individual players, which means there are 14 players in the entire MLB that in 2022 they will earn more than the entire Orioles payroll.

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