Joe Biden Bans Russian Oil Imports Over Ukraine Invasion

Washington- The American President, Joe Bidenannounced on Tuesday the ban on imports of oil, natural gas and coal from Russiain a new measure of pressure on Moscow for the invasion of Ukraine.

“It means that Russian oil will not be accepted in United States ports,” Biden explained in an intervention at the White House.

Biden acknowledged that “defending democracy” in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is going to entail “costs” for Americans, referring to the notable increase in fuel prices in recent days.

“Defending democracy is going to involve costs, and it is going to involve costs for us as well,” he asserted.

The ban on energy imports from Russia, one of the largest global producers, it would be only on the part of Washington, since the European allies, much more dependent on Russian energy, have shown objections in this regard.

US imports of oil from Russia account for about 8% of the total, while in the European case it is 27%, according to the respective official data.

This Monday, the president of Ukraine himself, Volodymyr Zelenskywas in favor of the international community approving the cancellation of Russian oil purchases.

“You can call it an embargo or a moral act when you refuse to give money to terrorists,” the Ukrainian leader said in a video message.

The ban on energy imports from Russia by the United States adds to the aggressive economic sanctions recently adopted against Moscow in coordination with European partners, including the restriction of the international operations of the Russian central bank and the suspension of certain Russian banks from the International system Swift.

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