Joe Biden meets with those closest to him to talk about his future after his debate loss

Joe Biden is going through its most critical moment. 48 hours after completing one of the worst presidential debates in the United States, the President He has isolated himself within his immediate circle in New Jersey to see how he faces the next few months of the campaign.

Meanwhile, doubts are growing in the Democratic Party despite Biden’s efforts to appear normal. There will be a meeting with people close to him this Sunday Camp David to decide the way forward for the coming months. Sources in his team ‘try to make this meeting less serious by explaining’the new York Times‘That it was an appointment scheduled for the spring.

According to the media, he will attend that appointment. His wife, Jill Biden, their children, and their grandchildren. The timing of this meeting has raised suspicions, as Biden has always been surrounded by his family when making other major decisions in his career.

Biden was already at Camp David six days before the debate. However, according to a source ‘nbc‘ This second visit to the residence takes away: “It is expected Any discussion about the campaign, whether informal or secondary,

The truth is that Joe Biden’s performance during the debates against Donald Trump has been generating reactions and concerns among Democrats. His arguments, sometimes incoherent, and his gaffes have upset those who support his campaign financially. So much so that the Biden team has addressed the email to his supporters and potential donors Try to calm them down.

There is a similar uproar over the image provided by former President Biden Barack Obama He has come out in defense of his vice president, who he describes as having “a bad night.” Bill and Hillary Clinton He has come out to lend his support to Biden as well as other congressional leaders.

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