Joe Jonas got depressed and went to therapy when he wasn’t cast in Spider-Man

The former Jonas Brothers told it while promoting “Devotion”, the film in which he acts and for which he composed a song.

Joe Jonasone of the Jonas Brothers, is disappointed in his history teachers. He says it’s a shame they never taught him about Jesse Brownthe Navy’s first black fighter pilot to serve in the Korean War.

Brown’s time in the war and friendship with fellow pilot Tom Hudner (played by Glen Powell) are, as published Varietythe plot of the film directed by JD Dillard devotion. Jonas there plays the fighter pilot Marty Goode.

“I don’t know whether to get angry with my history teachers…”, insists the actor in a podcast of the popular magazine. “When I got the audition, read the book, read the script, met the director, I thought, ‘How come I’ve never heard of this story, of these two incredibly brave individuals in the Korean War?’ I believe that At school they only make us study the Second War world…”, he continued grumbling alluding to the war that took place on the Korean peninsula between 1950 and 1953.

Joe Jonas and actress "game of Thrones", Sophie Turner, at a premiere.  AP Photo

Joe Jonas and “Game of Thrones” actress Sophie Turner at a premiere. AP Photo

The jonas brother acts and is also the one who co-wrote and performed the title song for the film: not alone. War veterans and active duty personnel can be seen in the song’s accompanying video.

They come home and are not always treated well. We have to take care of them, they are very important. The truth, I wanted to talk about it, “explained the musician and actor.

To Oscar?

Since its release, not alone seems to be in the conversation for the next edition of the Oscars in the category of the best original song.

“Yeah, yeah, it was a really busy year of music, television and film. I’m grateful to even be in that Oscars conversation. I honestly think that 17, 18 years of experience I have right now are important. I am thankful that I can do what I love. I know it sounds like a very political response, but it’s the truth. Every day I try to focus on the opportunity I have to create music. And this movie thing was something I never expected to happen.”

Nick Jonas and his brother Joe Jonas, watching a Rafa Nadal match at the United States Open, in 2019. Photo EFE

Nick Jonas and his brother Joe Jonas, watching a Rafa Nadal match at the United States Open, in 2019. Photo EFE

He also recalled that a few years ago he began therapy because he was quite bad when he was finally left out of the role of spider-man. “I can probably name a couple of difficult moments. At the time of that casting I was destroyed. I was ready for Spider-Man and I was so, so excited… but it was Andrew Garfield. Obviously, from a distance, he was the right one. But I remember he was very excited.”

Joe rose to fame as a member of the teen band Jonas Brothers, along with his brothers Kevin and Nick. In 2005, they recorded Please Be Mine, his first studio song. Shortly after they released their debut album It’s About Time and fame began to roll.

Jonas, 33, had as many hits as famous romances: he dated Taylor Swift for a few months in 2008. He dated actress Camilla Bellewho appeared in the music video lovebugby the Jonas Brothers. He briefly dated the singer Demi lovato in early 2010. He dated actress Ashley Greene in the summer of 2010…


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