Joe Manganiello spotted for the first time since his split from Sofia Vergara

Recently, the famous actor and one of the heroes of Magic Mike, Joe ManganielloAfter learning about the unexpected separation with the Colombian actress has become a trend in all media and social networks sofia vergaraAnd this August 12, he was spotted on the streets for the first time after his momentous break.

Some sources close to the former couple revealed in their separation process that the two had been separating for a while, until they decided to make it public through Medium. page six, confirming the news and above all demanding respect and privacy, as it was a mutual decision between the ex-partners of the actors. And although the Colombian actress was the first to live her life as a single person, everything seems to be going well Let this time Joe Manganiello start living his life


Ever since this news became public on July 18, the actor has been swallowed up by the earth; However, these days he was photographed on the streets angel Very easily. The 46-year-old actor was spotted in shorts and a tank top carrying his pet Bubble, the dog he shares with Sophia, and it’s possible to catch that he’s no longer wearing his engagement ring.

Several media outlets that captured Joe Manganiello noted that his face looked slightly overwhelmed, stating that this was probably because has had a negative impact on the actor Throughout the separation process, however, he was the one who held the little pet the actress loved so much.

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