John Boyega picks the worst Star Wars sequel

John Boyega, star of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, is candid about his least favorite film in the franchise

Although it hasn’t been the Golden Age of Star Wars The sequel trilogy to the galactic saga has its own special moments in the hearts of the fans. however, not all installments of the said trilogy Unfortunately, they have followed a pattern of quality. Now, years later, a cast star Have dared to categorize three tapes.

star wars john boyega

in a video for first we feast, john boyegaActor who played Finn in the sequel Each film in the trilogy, ranked from best to worst Latest Star Wars. As a result, the British artist was forced Pick your least favorite installment of the franchise,

Star Wars - John Boyega - Finn

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens Definitely the best. Second, for me, comes The Rise of Skywalker, and then the worst, in the most respectful sense, is Episode VIII.Boyega commented with the highest opinion. As expected, their ranking is fruit of resentment which he has expressed all the time about their character development In the last full tape.

Is John Boyega Returning To Star Wars?

Star Wars - John Boyega - Finn

In The Future of the Galactic Franchise, John Boyega thanked Star Wars for the role it played in his development as an actor, saying that “made man in a sense, However, there is no end point for the British.

According to some reports, Boyega will play Finn on the next tape recently announced and still untitled sagaStarring the heroine of the sequel trilogy Kinginterpreted by daisy ridley, However, neither Lucasfilm nor the actor has officially confirmed his return.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is available on Disney+.

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