John Cena is a big fan of Metroid, and in 2017 he made a request to Nintendo that ended up being fulfilled

The Peacemaker actor asked the Japanese company about a new 2D installment of the famous franchise.

Just a year ago, Metroid DREAD was presented to the public, the first 2D Metroid in 19 years, responding to the requests of thousands of fans from all over the world, who later made it the best-selling video game in the franchise. What you may not know is that among all these fans there was a well-known Hollywood face who put pressure on the Japanese company on the spot for its development.

John Cena ‘loved’ Metroid DREADThis is nothing more and nothing less than John Cena, protagonist of the hilarious series for HBO Max Peacemaker, who in 2017, during a promotional photo session for Nintendo Switch, did not hesitate to comment to representatives of the Japanese company about his wish to be able to enjoy a new 2D adventure of Samus Aran. Four years after that moment we got Metroid DREAD, let each one tie the dots.

Obviously, we doubt that Nintendo will make their creative decisions based on the wishes of the also North American WWE star. In fact, in 2017 Metroid: Samus Returns arrived in stores, where the parents of Super Mario were able to see first-hand who was the ideal team for the rebirth of the saga, but without a doubt it is an anecdote about the franchise that was worth sharing. .

The story has been shared by Giant Bomb’s Dan Ryckert on his personal Twitter account, and corroborated by Krysta Yang, then a Nintendo employee, adding that after the release of Metroid DREAD they sent her a copy. The actor’s response came through an email from his manager, where he did not hesitate to give his approval to the development of Mercury Steam: “he loved it”they were saying.

Metroid Dread

John Cena is not the only Hollywood star whose passion for the saga is public, and Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) made clear her interest in becoming Samus Aran in a hypothetical movie. Metroid DREAD was nominated for the GOTY The Game Awards, becoming the first Spanish title to achieve such recognition.

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