John Krasinski has seen The Devil Wears Fashion more than 70 times

The Devil Wears Prada – 75% is a popular 2006 comedy-drama film starring Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, and Emily Blunt. This feature film is based on the homonymous novel by journalist Lauren Weisberger, who in turn was inspired by experiences she herself had. In the film, Emily Blunt plays Emily Charlton, the senior assistant to Runway magazine’s feared editor Miranda Priestly (meryl streep). Charlton puts up with his boss’s rudeness and insults in hopes of going to Paris Fashion Week in the fall.

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More than 15 years after its premiere, The Devil Wears Prada continues to be a very popular movie, even considered by many to be a classic. In an interview with Variety during a press tour for his big directorial debut, A Quiet Place, John Krasinski, husband of Emily Blunt, called this comedy the “kryptonite of zapping”, because when people see that it is being broadcast, they immediately stop their tour of the other television channels. In addition, the actor assured that he has seen the film approximately 70 times. Krasinski said the following:

I’ve probably seen that movie 70 times because it’s on cable every day like six times a day. While channel surfing, you just stop every time they’re playing it.

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John Krasinski He also told the outlet that he has seen the film a couple of times alongside Emily, although he made it clear that they are not in the habit of viewing each other’s work together. The actor explained:

I’ve seen her with her once or twice, but it’s not the most comfortable thing to do to make her see herself in a movie. But it’s that good. Usually it is in bits and pieces. We’ll see 15 minutes or wherever she is on the wire.

John Y Emily They got married in 2010 and have two daughters, Hazel Y violet. In 2018 they had the opportunity to play a married couple in A Silent Placehorror film directed by Krasinski. The sequel, A Quiet Place Part II – 93%, arrived in 2021, also under the direction of Krasinski.

There is no doubt that over the years, The Devil Wears Prada It has become the favorite film of many, including Krasinski, who does not get tired of seeing her when she appears. The actor has been the focus of attention in the last week thanks to the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – 88% (spoilers ahead), movie where Krasinski makes his way to the MCU with the role of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. Fans had been asking for the beloved actor from The Office for the role for years, and Marvel Studios fulfilled this wish.

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