John Legend ended his friendship with Kanye West because of Donald Trump… Justin Bieber wants to help Brittney Grimer…

August 5, 2022

Kelis is thrilled that Beyoncé is removing her sample of “Milkshake”

Kelis asked Beyoncé to remove her sample from Milkshake of his last song, Energyon his album Renaissance, released recently. The problem: not having been consulted by Queen Bey when she claims to have been stripped of her rights to the title when it was released in 2003.

It is now done, to the delight of the singer. The proof. When an Instagrammer lashed out at Kelis, asking her if she was “happy” that Beyoncé was removing the sample, while calling her a “weeper,” the artist’s response was very forthright. “Yes, I’m happy. Nobody cried, ”she replied tit for tat, as shown by the NME.

Justin Bieber wants to help free Brittney Grimer

John Legend ended his friendship with Kanye West because of Donald Trump

John Legend and Kanye West were good friends, but the singer distanced himself from his relationship with Ye… because of his affiliation with Donald Trump!

“We’re not as good friends as we used to be. I honestly think it’s because we’ve had public disagreements about his running for president, his support for Trump. I think it was too much for our friendship to continue,” he revealed during the podcast. The Ax Files.

According to him, it was above all his refusal to support his friend during his presidential campaign that put an end to their friendship. “He was pissed that I didn’t support him when he wanted to be president. I wasn’t the only one, but he wasn’t happy. And we haven’t really been close since,” he continues.

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