John Wick creator excited about Emerald Fennell’s ‘f—ing great’ script

for a long time john wick Producer Basil Ivanych teased the highly anticipated ballet dancer Spinoff starring Oscar nominee Ana de Armas.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Iwanyk praised the upcoming film’s “f—ing great” script, which was written by promising young woman Writer-director Emerald Fennell, who signed on to the project last November for 2022, is set to rewrite Shay Hatton’s original draft. According to the producers, the inclusion of the Oscar-winning writer in the spinoff gave de Armas’ character more depth and emotion. “Emerald loves john wick Movies. loved it. And she was like, ‘I don’t watch these kinds of movies. “It’s amazing,” Iwanyk said. “And he wrote a great draft. And we used most of it. And he gave that character, honest character, some – I’m not saying real, because remember we’re talking about john wick world, but as a female character it felt emotionally grounded. This, combined with his firepower, is really great.”

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Additionally, Ivanić confirmed that hiring a female writer was one of the promises he made. glass knife The actor when he first presented the project to him. Even though Hatton wrote a “really good script”, he knew the story needed a female perspective when it came to developing the film’s main character. To avoid the tropes seen in female killer films, they wanted de Armas’ character to be “someone who seemed legitimate and a real and grounded female character.”

She said, “Our promise to Ana was always at a certain point when we got the structure and action right, we wanted to bring in a female writer.” “What we didn’t want, and this is important. We didn’t want an action movie where we just took a male character, put in a female one, and then scrapped it. We wanted this character to feel real, to feel feminine. To do that, to realize that she wasn’t promiscuous, but she wasn’t sexualized as a sexual object. She wasn’t someone who didn’t smile.”

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Ballerina Will Explore a New Side of the John Wick Franchise

ballet dancer The spinoff is directed by Underworld filmmaker Len Wiseman. The spinoff will center around a young female assassin who was trained by the Ruska Roma Syndicate, the same organization that groomed John Wick to become the unbeatable deadly assassin he is known for. According to Hatton, the upcoming film will introduce a “brilliant, unique” new side to the franchise, as the titular character “goes to a whole new corner of the world and a new kind of isolated community that’s really unlike anything we’ve ever seen.” Is different from.” ‘Have seen these in the past john wick Movies.”

In addition to De Armas, the spinoff will feature the walking dead Veterinarian Norman Reedus, Golden Globe winner Gabriel Byrne, and Oscar nominee Catalina Sandino Moreno star in undisclosed roles. The franchise stars Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane and the late Lance Reddick in one of his final film roles following his passing last March 17. It has also been confirmed that Reeves’ appearance in the spinoff is more than just a cameo. apart from ballet dancerIt has also been confirmed that Lionsgate is currently planning to develop another john wick Show and anime adaptation.

ballet dancer Expected to hit theaters on June 7, 2024.

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