John Wick: Every Movie From Worst To Best, According To Critics

Action cinema in Hollywood has a long tradition of action films that dates back to its origins, in such a way that some historians consider that the short film Assault and robbery of a train from 1903 is the first action film. The film follows a band of outlaws who hold up and rob a steam locomotive at a station in the Old West as they flee across mountainous terrain and are ultimately defeated by the locals. Over the decades came the cowboy and adventure movies of the 1930s to the big-budget productions with special effects and elaborate action sequences of today. However, despite the passage of time, these stories continue to focus on similar aesthetic elements involving the use of firearms and melee or distance confrontations, which feature a charismatic character possessing some superlative physical ability, and today it translates into being an expert in martial arts, in the use of weapons of any kind or both.

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Technological evolution also brought car chases, automatic weapons shooting, and big explosions. Some examples of the most iconic movies in the genre are Rambo – 87% 1982 Terminator 2: Judgment Day – 92% from 1991 to the 1990s and today the movie industry has the John Wick franchise making way for much richer characters growing tape by tape through excellent world building.

The John Wick movies have been a great success due to several factors, among which we can point out as the main culprits the mythology of his story, the charisma of Keanu Reeves and the ability of filmmakers to take advantage of a niche in the offer of the industry that needed to refresh its action and fighting genre.

The fantastic mythology of the John Wick story has been gradually built over the three films, a story that has culminated in John Wick 4 – 93%, and this has kept fan interest in the franchise growing. In addition, the plot has peculiar characters with whom it is easy to empathize, which helps to create an emotional connection that maintains interest in each of the details of the plot.

The films were arriving at the same time that Reeves’ charisma became legendary, so interest in the films also grew organically due to the fact that the audience wanted to see more of the leading actor in The Matrix – 87% While this was happening, the action genre was crying out for a new direction with a story that would refresh and update the stories that seemed to have been stagnant since the release of films that revived the genre such as The Transporter – 53% and Relentless Search – 58% Thus the John Wick story brought something new and exciting to the table, helping to spark public interest in the genre.

Specialized critics have pointed out on more than one occasion that the aesthetics and narrative of this saga is very similar to those used in classic American comics, as well as in Japanese manga, so it is not surprising that this universe will adapt quickly. and so his immersive mythology continued to bring him commercial success.

These vignettes written by greg pack they serve as a prequel to the events of the first film, where we are shown how John became the Baba Yaga of the criminal underworld. This transmedia story also delves into the motivations behind his retirement from criminal life, the same is the case for other characters like the manager of the Continental Hotel, whose facts could connect with the spin-off about this neutral refuge from the criminal world. And it is that one of the aspects that its readers liked the most is the fact that this story has a direct connection with the events of the film, and although it does not change anything that is already established, it could have repercussions in the future. due to the details that were known about each character, especially considering that this universe continues to expand more every day.

Below we bring you a top of these films according to critics, who, although each of these installments has scored highly, has also been able to reward the narrative risks that have been taken within their genre as well as quality and innovation. in his action scenes.

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1.- Another Day To Kill – 85%

The film directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, was the first that started it all, but it was not really an instant success, although at the time it caught the attention of lovers of the genre, it was until the premiere of its sequel that the public general revisited and reassessed the great story of the first installment. The action movie follows the story of retired hit man John Wick, who, after the death of her wife, receives a puppy as a gift from her. So the puppy named Daisy quickly becomes the only source of joy in her life. Everything changes when a group of assassins break into his house, steal his car and kill the puppy, thus ending Wick’s retirement who decides to return to the world of secret criminal societies to seek revenge.

The violent journey through the criminal underworld in which John seeks to collect blood for blood slowly became a cult phenomenon, particularly for its expertly choreographed fight scenes packed with intense, visceral action. Likewise, the construction of the world of this story, where the Continental Hotel entered the scene, as well as its guests and staff, powerfully attracted the attention of the public. Likewise, the concept of the “marker”, which is a debt between assassins, became a major plot point in the sequels.

David Sims of the magazine The Atlanticcomments:

It’s not perfect but it’s special, especially for a mid-budget Hollywood action drama. It’s still going around in my head since I saw it last Friday.

2.- John Wick 2: A New Day to Kill – 89%

john wick 2 by Chad Stahelski, is one of those movies that you can’t help but get excited for and that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Here we find Wick after returning to the world of contract killers and retrieving the Mustang from him. But, in an unexpected change of plans, he is tasked with eliminating the sister of an Italian crime lord, for which he will be betrayed and hunted. Here the action was present to confirm John Wick as the film called to be the emblem of action cinema of this era, with some of the best fight sequences seen in recent times. The world building continued to get deeper turning its characters into icons that took the story to new levels of quality.

On this occasion, the film also embraced humor as another important element of its narrative, losing its fear of making fun of itself. The directors understood that although there are other elements to be taken seriously from their own mythology, the comic factor was not one of them, and thus an extra was provided to connect with the public.

Alberto Luchini from the newspaper The worldhe said about the tape:

The film has a cheeky comic aesthetic. Stunning production design and stunning visual effects.

3.- John Wick 4 – 93%

In this new action and adrenaline journey, our protagonist continues to flee from the High Table in the intricate world of the most dangerous criminal families, but this time he has a counterattack plan to end the organization that has betrayed him. and their loved ones. Some of the most epic action scenes in this installment have the signature of the legendary Donnie Yen, in addition to the fact that the new locations for the film extend to different countries in Europe and Asia, so a global confrontation is expected.

At the same time, its director Chad Stahelski had already given notice that this film would be bigger and better than the previous ones, coming to advance some new weapons and fighting styles used by John, and which generated a lot of expectation among the fans. of the series The arrival of Bill Skarsgård as a new villain is wrapped in new rules and agreements of the criminal underworld that will change the direction of the saga forever.

Oti Rodríguez Marchante mention in abc:

The setting, the settings, the rhythm and the incorporation of new characters, such as Natalia Tena or Donnie Yen, a jaguar in his blind role that hits even more than John Wick, and a certain whiff of terminal adventure, put this number 4 of John Wick at the height of the first.

4.- John Wick 3: Parabellum – 98%

This tape is, like its predecessors, an action-packed story that takes place just after the events of the second film. John, played by Keanu Reeves already enshrined in the character, is in retirement after being declared excommunicated by the High Table, the secret organization of assassins to which he once belonged. This means that he is now a fugitive with all the assassins in the world after him, so he must now fight to get out of New York City alive. The action scenes in this movie are insane, with some awesome fight choreography.

The film delves deep into the mythology of their world and introduces new characters linked to the High Table such as the Adjudicator, who is responsible for enforcing the organization’s rules. Audiences were also able to find out much more about the Continental Hotel as a safe haven for assassins. If something is certain about this great film, it is that it came to turn the already popular saga into a massive phenomenon.

Javiera Garcia of Freak Channel points to this tape:

……is a work of art altogether. Without a doubt, this saga would not be the same without Keanu Reeves, who shines in all aspects.

With two spin-offs on the horizon, it seems very unlikely that we are close to seeing the end of this universe, since the bets for their new stories are firm and with a high budget. And although it is very possible that we will see the withdrawal of Keanu Reeves from these tapes —before or after the hypothetical fifth installment of the franchise—, it is also true that his character may continue to have cameos in this universe, as he has already confirmed for the film. Ballerina, starring Ana de Armas. Whatever the direction the franchise takes, we are sure that the public will accompany it, wanting more and more of this universe.

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