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By William Guzman P.

The scandalous legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard “itches and spreads”. And the controversial actor and his legal team have just suffered a setback, by failing in a new attempt to “go ahead” in the judicial process that pits him against his ex-wife.because of the accusations of defamation and mistreatment that have been launched at each other in full court.

The actor’s attorneys have unsuccessfully petitioned Judge Penney Azcarate to dismiss Heard’s countersuit to Johnny’s original claim. If he demanded $50 million dollars in compensation from his ex-wife -for the alleged lies spilled by Amber in an article published four years ago in the newspaper Washington Post-, the actress was quick to reply in similar terms, although the compensation she asks for is up to $100 million dollars.

The judge has once again given the green light to Amber’s aspirations, considering that the evidence and indications provided so far in favor of her case are more than enough to continue. Likewise, Azcarate has rejected the arguments presented by Johnny’s defense, pointing out that it is not up to her – at least at this time of the litigation – to comment on the alleged veracity or falsity of the testimonies offered by the artist.

Curiously, the same magistrate dismissed a similar request when this media and legal battle beganin this case from the lawyers of Amber Heard. The artist wanted to nullify from the beginning the possibility that Johnny could take the initiative from the prosecution stand, so that he could only defend himself on the witness stand against those allegations that have presented him as a violent, emotionally unstable man addicted to drugs. drugs.

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Kate Moss will be the star witness

A new star witness is preparing to testify in the litigation defamation lawsuit: Kate Moss. The top model is expected to be called as a witness on behalf of the actor with whom she had a relationship from 1994 to 1997, they are still close, a source confirmed to CNN. Moxss and Deep had a volatile relationship, however over time they made amends and are good friends.

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