Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and mass justice

We praise our idols that the slightest indicator that reaches us that they are humans attacks us personally. The truth is that as much as we like to think we know the character of the famous, we are so close to knowing who they are in reality like them to know who we are. Public cases such as Johnny Depp against Amber Heard play directly with these sensitivitiesthat’s why they are so controversial.

When they came out accusations in 2018 everyone rushed to ‘Cancel‘ to Johnny: They didn’t want to be associated with an alleged abuser. The world closed in on him, even Disney announced that he would not appear in the next film of Pirates of the Caribbean. Now that the libel suit against Amber Heard seems to lean in your favor social media they close in band against Heard and the public asks that the throw out of the ‘Aquaman’ sequel, crying out that it is “poetic justice”.

The opinion of the public has changed so radically that if this had happened 300 years ago there would have been gallows and torches in between, and the judgment It’s not even close to over. And what do we gain? If the judge rules in favor of Depp, we will have embittered life to a man for years without reason. If it rules in favor of Heard, we will have ashamed publicly to a victim of gender-based violence. And this assuming that the trial is fair.

There must necessarily be a middle ground between ignoring victims of abuse by powerful men, and taking every accusation as the absolute truth and ‘cancelling’ without proof. What is clear is that we are not going to find this moderation shouting our own verdicts while the judge hits the gavel and asks for order in the room. Are live trials really that good idea?

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