Johnny Depp and Selena worked together on this movie

Selena It was widely mentioned last year when the second part of “Selena: the series” was broadcast, a biographical production available on Netflix, which made new generations aware of its tragic history.

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This year one of the most commented characters has been Johnny Depp, as a result of the trial he had against his ex-wife Amber Heard, in which he was successful in the end. However, there is something that many do not know and that is that there is a link between the Hollywood actor and the queen of tex mex.

What is the relationship between Johnny Depp and Selena Quintanilla?

To remember, fame came to the actor in the 1990s, some of his first roles at this time were in movies like ‘Cry-Baby’ or ‘Scissorhands Man’. Later, he had the opportunity to work with another star who was beginning to sound quite a lot, Selena Quintanilla.

The singer did not want to dedicate herself only to music, there was also a time when acting caught her attention and, curiously, this ambition made her coincide with the protagonist of ‘The Secret Window’ in a film called ‘Don juan de marco‘.

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This film was directed by the respected Francis Ford Coppola, recognized for projects such as ‘The Godfather’, ‘Apocalypse Now’, ‘Dracula, by Bram Stoker’ and more. The story portrays a psychiatrist, brought to life by the iconic Marlon BrandoCuriously, when he is just a few days away from retirement, he and his wife encounter a striking case, that of Don Juan deMarco, played by Johnny Depp, a depressed man who claims to be the real Don Juan.

Although Selena does not have a great character in this production, in the little that appears she is able to demonstrate and surprise with her undoubted talent, because they gave her a space to sing in the best Mexican style.

At that time, the interpreter of ‘Photos and Memories’ was 22 years old and appeared in a scene in which she serenaded Brando’s character and his wife, played by Faye Dunnawayin the middle of a romantic dinner.

Don Juan DeMarco Original Score: Selena Scenes

It’s a short bit. I am a mariachi music singer”, Quintanilla expressed about the tape that was released in 1995.

Curious facts about the movie in which Johnny Depp and Selena Quintanilla worked together

Curiously, her well-known name does not appear in the credits of the film, they only refer to her as “singer” or as Selena Pérez, her married name, it is worth remembering that she married musician Chris Pérez since 1992.

This opportunity made people start to notice that the Texan was not only very good at music, but that she could also act.

The sad thing is that Selena never had the chance to see the film in theaters, nor was she able to attend the premiere, this because, as you can imagine, four months before the premiere, she was murdered at the hands of her assistant and president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldívar. During an argument of hers she shot him at close range, two weeks after her 23rd birthday.

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