Johnny Depp and the reason for his luxurious celebration in Birmingham, after winning a trial against Amber Heard

Hmore than a week ago Johnny Depp managed to win the trial against his ex-partner Amber Heard and in this situation, the protagonist of films like “Pirates of the Caribbean” either “Scissorhands“He has not stopped having lavish celebrationsalthough one of them was to celebrate the throwing a disc.

This celebration took place in the United Kingdom, where according to reports, Johnny Depp paid a figure of almost 62 thousand dollars in a luxurious Indian food restaurantcalled Varanasi in the city of birmingham United Kingdom, where he was accompanied by almost 20 friends, who had a banquet to celebrate the triumph of the actor and musician.

Exactly the next day the photos went viral where the actor had a cup of coffee in hand, being helped to get out of the Grand Hotel Birmingham.

A source from his security team gives the explanation, and it is that they wanted to keep him safe and away from thelarge crowds“.”Wherever he goes, the fans harass him“This informant told PageSix and it was logical, since he rescued his reputation in the face of a complicated trial.

Although it is worth mentioning that this meeting he had a few days ago Johnny Depp, also had a reason to be, since among the guests was his friend JeffBeck, who helped bring out his artistic side in music.

Depp release a music album:

No doubt Johnny Depp is a complete genius and many of us have seen him with his work as an actor, although another of his facets had not been shown and this is that he is also a music virtuoso.

Proof of this is that the past Thursday released two singles from his new music albumthat is named “18” and together with his friend Jeff Beck this work came to light. The official release date will be July 15.

This album has 13 songs which include covers by Motown, The Beach Boys, John Lennon, The Velvet Underground, and Killing Joke, among others, along with two original compositions by Johnny Depp.

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