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Johnny Depp arrives in the world of the new series with his animated avatar. The famous pirate of the Caribbean gives voice to Johnny Puff – the puffin that looks so much like him – protagonist of the animated web-series Puffins. To present his new project, Depp will arrive in Rome and will be the guest of honor at the XIX edition of Alice in the city, autonomous and parallel section of the scheduled Film Festival from 14 to 24 October. And the exhibition dedicated to the new generations directed by Fabia Bettini and Gianluca Giannelli The Hollywood actor will pay homage with a roundup of his greatest hits in a meeting open to the public, especially the younger one.

The web-series

Puffins focuses on the adventures lived by Johnny and his group of friends (Tic and Tac, Didi and Pie) who live with their tribe in the great and technological Tana di Otto, walrus, skilled engineer and collector. Funny gags and many missions are the main ingredients of this animated web-series produced by Ilbe (Iervolino & Lady Bacardi entertainment) and spin-off of the animated film Arctic – A glacial adventure. But in the 250 episodes (made in mobile-short content format of five minutes each) there are also events of daily life that give the opportunity to address important issues such as gender equality, pollution and environmental protection with children. Dissemination and awareness will therefore be the double purpose of the series which will be able to entertain the very young audience by amusing them thanks to a succession of hilarious gags.

The producers

Depp and the producers of the series
Depp and the producers of the Puffins series

the first time that Depp takes part in a short-contented product and we are proud that he believed in our project – explains Andrea Iervolino, president of Ilbe – sharing ideas and creative ideas: hto collaborate with great enthusiasm in the creation of the character and the recording of Johnny Puff’s original language. The web series made in Italy available on digital platforms in more than 90 countries: the result of a team of 190 Italian professionals (authors, designers, storyboarders, directors and screenwriters). The animation sector has grown a lot in Italy in recent years and these young people have shown that they have what it takes to make products that can be distributed all over the world.

Alice’s guest in the city

After organizing last year the European premiere of Maleficent – Lady of Evil – which brought stars like Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer – the Alice in the City section is preparing to host another idol from the younger audience. The review will dedicate a tribute to him linked to the characters he has played and who have managed to enter the imagination of several generations, making him one of the most loved actors of all time. From Edward Scissorhands to The Chocolate Factory passing through the film series The Pirates of the Caribbean and again Alice in Wonderland, Alice through the looking glass and Neverland – A dream for life. We are planning a masterclass open to the pupublic in which we will show clips of his films and we will have the opportunity to tell us what lies behind his many characters – explain Fabia Bettini and Gianluca Giannelli – There are actors, in fact, who are inextricably linked to some of the roles they have played in their career: Edward Scissorhands, Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, have lived such epic adventures thanks to the charisma of Johnny Depp. Actors like him have given body and soul to characters who have entered the public imagination of several generations and for this reason, despite the passing of time, they remain among the most loved and iconic of all time.

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