Johnny Depp back as Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’? It is no longer as impossible as before the verdict of the trial against Amber Heard

A few days ago a sentence was passed in the trial against Johnny Depp against Amber Heard. In the end, both were convicted of defamation, but almost more than that, they are talking about the extent to which public opinion about the actor has improved after everything seen in court. In fact, there is even talk about his possible return as Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’.

Winds of change?

From People they have had the opportunity to talk about that possibility with a former Disney executive and with someone who worked on previous installments of the franchise. As both sources are anonymous, it is difficult to establish the reliability of their words, but they do make it clear that the way in which Hollywood sees the actor something has changed.

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For example, the former studio executive has predicted that “I absolutely believe that after the verdict, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is set for the reboot with Johnny as Captain Jack back on board. There’s too much box office potential for a character that’s well-loved and deeply embedded in Disney culture.“And part of the reason is not lacking, because I am the first who believes that ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ does not make sense without the actor. The problem is that he may not have it with him either.

Something less optimistic about his return is the person who worked on several installments of the saga, unknown in what position he did it. For that character “not very likely“let Disney count on him as protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ and sees the studio as more likely to go ahead with its idea of ​​making a movie with Margot Robbie as the lead.

That source is also clear that the film would not arrive until 2025 at the earliest and dares to venture how they could bring the actor back without risking more than necessary: ​​”I would say that they will make Robbie their daughter and probably a cameo of him as a test“. An ingenious solutionWell, if the public rejects it, they don’t count on it again, but if the answer is positive, they already have an excuse to give it more presence in a possible seventh installment.

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Surely many of you remember that Depp came to affirm under oath that he would not play Jack Sparrow for Disney again not even if they offered him 300 million dollarsbut this last source doubts that this is true: “I don’t buy it based on his money problems, especially considering that ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is a billion dollar global franchise.And if you worked there, you’ll know something about how the studio might react to the verdict.

Jack Sparrow

Let us also remember that the producer Jerry Bruckheimer He recently commented that there were two projects in the saga underway and that for now none had the return of Jack Sparrow, but he left the door open for that to change in the future…

What does seem clear is that Depp will end up returning to Hollywood in one way or another. There are also rumors that he could be in ‘Bitelchús 2’, but for now nothing is certain. The question now is to know which studio will be the first to take a risk.

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