Johnny Depp devastated by the death of his friend Jeff Beck

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck / Courtesy

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck / Courtesy

Actor Johnny Depp is very affected by the news of the death of guitarist Jeff Beck, who was his bandmate and close friend.

In accordance with Peoplea source revealed that the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean accompanied the musician before his death, so he is devastated after the loss.

“They had a very close friendship, they were extremely close, and he grew even closer this past summer when they were on tour together. Johnny is still processing this news. He is devastated, ”said the person close to the interpreter.

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck / Courtesy

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck / Courtesy

In July 2022 Beck and Depp released a record material entitled “18”, with the video clip for the song “This Is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr”. This production caused a stir because it was speculated that Johnny took advantage of this project to attack his ex, Amber Heard.

“It’s an extraordinary honor to play and write music with Jeff, one of the true greats and someone I now have the privilege of calling my brother,” Depp said at the premiere of their joint effort.

“I haven’t had another creative partner like him in a long time. He was a major force on this record. I just hope people take him seriously as a musician because it’s hard for some people to accept that Johnny Depp can sing rock and roll,” Beck said at the time.

Through a statement, Jeff Beck’s family has requested privacy at this time while they process their loss after it was confirmed last Tuesday that the artist died at the age of 78 from meningitis.

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