Johnny Depp is starring in a new Millionaire campaign, despite Amber Heard’s ridicule

To counter the ridicule that the actress had made earlier Amber Heard, Johnny Depp Stars once again in a campaign for the luxury brand diorThanks to a new fragrance that could make millions of dollars for the great actor who stars in it ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’,

Johnny Depp appears in new fragrance advertisement SauvageBy Dyer, who contemplates crorepati campaign That the great artist signed a contract with the famous French brand for more than 20 million dollars.

Portal People assured that this agreement was the most profitable History Of a perfume, so Johnny marked a before and after when it came to managing to carry out said business, despite the ridicule of Amber Heard in the past.

That’s right, in the middle of their legal battle last year 2022It turned out that the interpreter of ‘My’ In aquaman She “joked” when she found out that her former partner was going to be the official image of a beautiful brand like Dior, which she couldn’t believe.

so it informed of in the court of Virginia depp’s sister Christy Dembrowski,

“On one occasion we were in an office, I had a meeting with Dyer because I wanted to sit with him boy And talk about working together. Suddenly Amber came in and asked if I was interrupting, we said no, Johnny told Sky “He had just met with Dyer and he was interested in her,” Dembrowski said on the stand in a Virginia court.

“His feedback That’s why she was incredulous and somewhat upset by this news, and asked: ‘Dior? Because dior Would I like to do business with you? It’s about class and style and you have no style. It was a very disrespectful way to ruin that moment, he just made fun of me,” said the actor’s sister.

Despite the denial and ridicule of Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has stepped up its campaign for dior, And the best part is that the results of this association have been very beneficial for both the parties, which shows that the seasoned actor can remain the image of various luxury brands despite his age.

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