Johnny Depp made fun of Amber Heard in his most recent appearance

legendary american actor johnny depp apparently he would have made fun of his ex-wife in his last appearance on television, which triggered a great wave of different comments

johnny depp is once again on everyone’s lips. The actor made a surprise appearance at the awards MTV VMAS 2022, just as the ceremony began. The actor appeared in the popular lunar suit, but it was actually a montage and he lent his voice and face to recreate him as an astronaut.

There, the actor Pirates of the Caribbean apparently took a dig at his ex-wife, fellow actress AmberHeard, fact that generated diverse opinions in social networks

The 59-year-old actor made a brief appearance dressed as Moonperson, the coveted award trophy VMA, while floating high above the stage at the Prudential Center in newark, with only his face visible.

It was at that moment that the actor seemed to make a subtle reference to his recent court battle with his ex-wife. The actor welcomed the awards mentioning the following:

“I just want you to know that I am available for birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, wakes, whatever they need,” he said before cheekily adding, “And you know what? I needed the job”

Johnny also shared the clip on his official Instagram account along with the caption, “Guess who? #VMA”, and his loyal fans went wild for his ‘big comeback’. However, there were one or another Heard fan who was massively upset by this fact. Even the actress’s sister strongly criticized mtv for allowing Johnny to appear at the ceremony.

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