Johnny Depp: new videos would clear him


THE2020 seemed to have come closed badly for Johnny Depp, 57 years old. The plaintiff, last November, had in fact lost the appeal in the libel suit against the The Sun, which in the past, during the legal battle against Amber Heard, he called it a wife beater, that is to say “a beater of wives“.

Then, not even 2021 had definitely started in the best way. The year had in fact opened with two quite unpleasant episodes: in two different situations, a woman and a homeless man, evading surveillance, they had broken into his Los Angeles mansion, having the comforts of the actor’s home for a few moments, as they please, before being arrested.

Luck finally in Johnny Depp’s favor

But if it is true that luck turns, maybe now it’s finally turning in Johnny Depp’s favor, after a not particularly rosy period. As reported by the Daily Mail, a new video has appeared a few days ago that could exonerate the actor from the accusation of being, in fact, the “wife beater” mentioned by the The Sun.

The footage, now in the hands of Depp’s lawyers, is from one bodycam (the cameras applied to the uniforms) of one of the policemen intervened in the actor’s villa after an argument with Amber Heard, his ex-wife. The woman, on that occasion, had told the 911 agents that she had just returned from one furious and violent quarrel with Johnny Depp, who he said hit her in the face with a phone and pulled out whole locks of hair.

According to the reconstruction of the woman, with whom Depp he was married only 18 months, the quarrel would have taken place in the kitchen, a room that would have been “devastated”By the fury of the actor.

johnny depp

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at the time of their wedding (LaPresse)

The video denies Amber Heard

In the video, shot in May 2016, however, you don’t see any of this. The kitchen, as it appears from the cameras of the agents who intervened immediately after the quarrel, it appears untouched, tidy, with no objects out of place. Nothing suggests that that room was the scene of a quarrel where two people were given to it with good reason. The reconstruction provided by Heard, therefore, would collapse before the evidence of such overwhelming evidence.


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“Amber Heard and her friends (Rocky Pennington primarily, ed) have described a chaotic and messy crime sceneDepp’s lawyers said, headed by Adam Waldman. However, “the newly released LAPD bodycam videos unequivocally show that the attic was completely intact and that their testimony was another great lie“. In fact, many never believed the woman’s words. Even Vanessa Paradis, the actor’s longtime ex and mother of his two children, had taken the field to defend Depp not considering him capable of raising his hands to a woman. In light of the latest evidence, perhaps she was right.



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