Johnny Depp Opens Door to Disney and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: “Everything Is Possible”

Johnny Depp Controversies have always gone hand in hand since some time ago till now. Above all, as a result of the lawsuit against his former partner, Amber Heard, who accused him of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, sometimes even under the influence of alcohol and drugs. However, he won a famous case.

With this demand from Amber, the whole world turned away from Johnny Depp, and with him the projects that included his personality, including such a vast world as his. disneywith whom he had already parted ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, With this he also closed the door. But, with the passage of time, and the end of trials, peace seems to be a reality, and The door that was once closed is now open both ways,

In this way, Johnny Depp can return to one of his most famous characters, Jack Sparrow. A source close to the actor assured People magazine:everything is possible“, he began by pointing out, later concluding with a phrase that undoubtedly serves as a breath of air for those who dream of the return of this character:”If it’s the right project, it will,

Possible deal with Disney

This does not mean that he will become Sparrow again, but that he is open to a possible project embodying the character, but also in terms of other works that he believes would be suitable for the interpreter. would be appropriate. And the thing is, a former Disney executive already warned them: “I’m pretty sure that after the verdict, ‘Pirates’ is all set for a reboot with Johnny returning as Captain Jack., There’s huge box office potential for a beloved character so deeply ingrained in Disney culture.”

Now, the most complicated thing is missing, a priori, that Disney and Johnny Depp sign an agreement that seems costly, above all, as a result of the “betrayal” felt by the actor. But, there is no dearth of support now, as he has also got the support of the creator of the saga, jerry bruckheimer:”You’d have to ask Disney. I cannot answer that question. I really do not know. I would love to have him in the film.,

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