Johnny Depp takes refuge in music and Amber Heard in Spain with his daughter

  • Johnny Depp, the 59-year-old American actor, producer and musician, has started his musical tour of the US in the capital

  • The star of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, accompanied by Jeff Beck, gave a concert before a large crowd, including his lawyers

  • Depp’s show comes after Amber Heard was seen for the first time since the trial

Johnny Deppthe actorproducer and musician american of 59 yearshas started this Tuesday musical tour by USA in the capital, Washington D.C.. The star of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, accompanied on this adventure by the musician jeff beckoffered a concert which brought together a large crew. Among those present, their lawyers in the defamation trial against Amber Heard, Camille Vasquez and Ben Chewwho wanted to support the interpreter.

The judgmentwhich was covered worldwide, took place at the county of Fairfaxat outskirts of the city in which it has started Depp his music tour. The actor known as ‘Jack Sparrow’, dressed in a simple dress (short-sleeved shirt and gray vest) and his guitarwanted to offer his Best music before the lawyers who helped him win the case for the opinion article in which Amber accused him of domestic abuse, collects ‘Daily Mail’.

Amber Heard walks away from the spotlight in Palma de Mallorca

The show in the American capital is produced after about what Amber was seen by first time from the trial. The star of ‘Aquaman’ wanted to get away from the spotlight with his daughter and takes refuge in Spainin Palm of Majorca. The 36-year-old performer has changed recently from lawyers once again, in his attempt to force two companies of insurance a to pay the multimillion dollar bill imposed on him in June by the case of defamation against her ex-husband.

is currently represented by David L. Axelrod and Jay Ward Brown in his appeal of that verdict. The actress has a serious problem with the insurers, seeking a lawsuit to avoid contributing to the defamation settlement with a California law that alludes to failing to cover “intentional acts.” For this reason, he has also recently hired Kirk Pasich for his legal team.

Problems for the actress with insurers

To the final of judgment, Depp received between 10 and 15 million of Dollars in compensatory damages and five million in punitive damages. Subsequently, the judge limited the damage to the state maximum of $350,000, leaving the actor with a total of 8.35 million of Dollars. In the meantime, amber won one his three claims of counterclaim related to statements made by a lawyer for her ex-husband, which suggested that the actress and her friends had vandalized their apartment before calling the police.

The actress received two million of Dollars in compensatory damages of the 100 million that I was looking for. A day after that Amber’s team presented a appeal against the verdict, lawyers of Depp did the same for cancel the couple of million that the actor owes his ex-wife. Everything to make sure that “the court consider all the information“as they reconsider his ex-wife’s appeal.

Before to present this appealthe attorney amber le asked to the judge that dismissed the decision and declare a mistrial. It was argued that one of the jurors in the case should not have been eligible to serve because his summons was intended for his father, who had the same name and lived at the same address. The judge Penny Azcarate rejected the request claiming that there was nottests of fraud or irregularities” by the jury and that the jury’s verdict should stand.

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