Johnny Depp trial: Amber Heard will be the most hated person in the world, and misogyny is total

Amber Heard is now becoming a powerful symbol of the fight against women. Aversion to big meals among men on social media. And this is an encore performance today, before two long years after the verdict in the famous Depp/Heard trial, announced on June 1, 2022.

For rappelling, the machine is very important, this process is ultra-medial in anticipation of the conviction for defamation of Amber Heard, most of all the son of the old husband Johnny Depp, who owes this last verse 2 million dollars of “reparations”. Another trigger peak as he dodges the slip: two or more, Johnny Depp still declares spousal abuse before London tribunal.

Et pourtant… “Hatred” was not that. Did I see this coming? The Hollywood actress looks like “the most hated person in the world” on the US Ranker website. Rien que ça oui. Un qualificatif qui bien au delà des potins doit être Traité pour ce qu’il est: un vrai sujet de société.

The return of the #MeToo movement

Two and later feminist activists had no doubts, as did Amber Heard’s pimp. This is the case with Rose Lamy, the instigator of the Compte Préparez vous pour la Bagarre, who dissects mediatique sexism, and who makes it a collective ouvrage: Also, au sein dukel she reads a chapter on the mediatization of the process together with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

A la lire, this disgust is a retour de bâton, a “backlash”: this Anglicism, initiated by the American journalist Susan Faludi, au sein de son enquête éponyme désigne à l’origine les forms qu’a puissante puissant contre- offensive for the annihilator of “Rights” women” in the second half of the 80s aux Etats-Unis.

Aujourd’hui, on the work of a designer of “counter-offensive” – ​​media, politics – in the context of the #MeToo movement. “Suspension to the seven premieres of the Depp/Heard trial, in a period of controversy, only Johnny Depp speaks, and these words sound very good. A person cannot appear as a mediator in this process, a contextualizer, a go-between in this process. Comme si cela n’en valait pas la peine“, you regret Rose Lamy on our pages.

The general silence on the matter in France is a good example of the backlash. I found that the usual backlash was not there, but it came from conservatives too. Là, this is also the case with the millions of feminists… It’s a joke when, in the wake of the #MeToo movement, it makes some people feel connected to pop culture, the people who speak out against us. This is what happens when you have even more criticism of Amber Heard and the archetype of “victimhood,” a clear sign of sexism.“.

Mauvais Victim is the most popular source of income, Amber Heard is terrified at the premiere on the ominous catwalk. Même devant… Bill Cosby.

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