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On July 9, 2018, Gregg ‘Rocky’ Brooks filed a civil lawsuit against Depp for allegedly hitting him during the filming of the movie ‘City of Lies’.

The 58-year-old actor could take the stand in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 25. In this new trial, he will have his renowned lawyers, Benjamin Chew and Camille Vasquez, the New York Post revealed on June 8.

The alleged incident between Johnny Depp and ‘Rocky’ Brooks

According to Variety’s July 9, 2018 report, ‘Rocky’ Brooks claims in his lawsuit that the incident occurred on April 13, 2017, when Johnny Depp was filming outside the Barclay Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

The location manager explains that the production had permission to film until 7 p.m. outside the hotel and 10 p.m. inside, but was asked to extend permission to accommodate Depp, who wanted to direct a longer version. of the scene with two friends.

Brooks was able to extend the permit twice, but at 11 p.m. the permitting officer asked him to finish filming, so he informed the film’s director, Brad Furman.

“Why don’t you tell Johnny Depp that?” says the man Furman responded to.

The plaintiff alleges that he went to find a police officer on set to help him break the news to Depp, but before he could do so, Depp accosted him and yelled, “Who the hell are you? You have no right to tell me what to do!”

“I don’t give a shit who you are and you can’t tell me what to do!” Brooks says Johnny yelled at him as he tried to explain that as a location manager, he had to make sure the production complied with city permits.

In addition, ‘Rocky’ says that Depp, while allegedly yelling at him, punched him twice in the lower left rib cage and challenged him: “I’ll give you $100,000 to punch me in the face right now!”

When he did not react to his alleged challenge, the plaintiff claims that the actor continued to yell at him in front of everyone until his own bodyguards took him off the set.

Brooks, who alleges in his lawsuit that Depp’s breath “smelled of alcohol,” also noted that he was fired from the production three days after the alleged incident because he refused to sign a document waiving his right to sue. .

What did Johnny Depp say about the accusations against him?

In its response to the lawsuit, The Sun reported on June 1 that Johnny Depp claimed that Brooks suffered injuries due to “self-defense/defense of others” as he “provoked” the actions that caused the harm.


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