Johnny Depp’s lawyer saved a man on a plane

Lawyer Camille Vásquez, who became famous for her legal defense of actor Johnny Depp, performed a heroic act on a commercial flight, helping an elderly man who fainted near her. Under the intervention of the favorite defender of Hollywood, the plane returned to the airport to derive the man from the emergency room to a care center.

The case occurred on June 20, but the information was leaked a few days ago, after an airline staff gave the information to People magazine. Vásquez, who frequently travels from one point to another in her country for work reasons, on the day of the aforementioned inconvenience she was accompanied on the flight by her brother-in-law, who is a doctor and her bodyguard.

Both men helped the elderly man in his 70s, who lost consciousness in the first-class corridors of the flight that was due to arrive in New York. The doctor took the vital signs of the victim and confirmed if it was not a heart attack or a cerebral hemorrhage, Camille’s bodyguard, for his part, lent his technological watch to the old man to follow his heart rate from her doll.

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An anonymous source told People magazine that Depp’s lawyer was dubbed “Wonder Woman” by passengers on the flight. Photo: AFP.

The scene, which looks like a movie, had a happy ending, since the plane returned to Los Angeles so that the older adult could be helped. For her part, Depp’s lawyer has not made any public statement about her heroic act on the plane, but she did earn the nickname “Wonder Woman” by those present who observed Camille’s performance in a situation of emergency.

With the passing of days, Camille Vásquez inadvertently gains more public attention, since Depp’s lawyer does not give a statement to the press or air her life, but her actions and attitude draw the world’s attention, it is also public knowledge that Vázquez was the fundamental key to the ruling in favor of Depp in the Virginia court last May.

Since the Latin defender demonstrated her talent and excellence to demonstrate the innocence of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, who sued her ex-partner, actress Amber Heard, for defamation, who in 2018 mentioned that she was a victim of domestic abuse in her marriage with the 59-year-old actor.

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