Johnson’s speech from Peppa Pig to Moses. And the party wonders

“Boris Johnson is doing well and is in full swing as Prime Minister.” A spokesman for Downing Street yesterday had to officially reassure people that the British premier had not lost his mind, given the unusual performance held by BoJo the day before at the Confindustria Congress. In fact, on Monday, invited to hold the usual report on stage, the conservative leader almost immediately lost the thread of the discussion (probably because his press office had mixed the order of the pages) and then tried to make up for it with a worthy speech. of a cabaret actor. Within minutes, the still-blond ex-mayor of London went from a vocalism that mimicked the engine start of a car to a lesson on capitalism and bureaucracy presented through the metaphor of the cartoon Peppa Pig. Up to the point of indirectly comparing himself to Moses when speaking of the green economy. Definitely not what everyone expects from a premier, even if he has always had a gigantic aspect that has emerged on various occasions. This time, however, the attitude was so over the top that one of the reporters asked him if he was okay at the end of the relationship.

And this is what his spokesman in Downing Street had to repeat publicly to dispel any doubts. “The Prime Minister has lost count of the pages for a moment – he explained yesterday – hundreds of speeches are delivered to him, I do not think it is unusual for people, on some occasions, to lose the thread for a few seconds”. The spokesman also declined any comment on the rumors reported by the BBC, according to which “there is a lot of concern in Whitehall about Johnson’s state and many think that ministers should ask for changes”. “The Prime Minister wants his ministers to feel free to express their opinion, this is the purpose of Cabinet meetings – concluded the press officer – it is part of government functions to have frank exchanges of points of view”. A certain concern and even anger within the majority party at Johnson’s fluctuating behavior is undeniable in any case. The past two weeks have proved disastrous for the government on multiple fronts and the party is starting to have serious doubts about the boss’s leadership. The promises of the electoral campaign broken in terms of infrastructures (the extension of the railway line towards the North of England has just been eliminated, precisely in the former Labor areas that had decreed its triumph at the last electoral round), the hot front of the migrants from France who continue to arrive en masse in the country, the scandals linked to the second job of the deputies and their many conflicts of interest, have led to a climate of strong tension culminating in the approval by a very narrow majority of the reform of the contribution system for social assistance, criticized not only by the opposition, but also by a part of the Tories. For now, polls show Johnson still stable, despite his theatrical releases. And there are even those who claim that they have been studied at the table, to capture the attention of the media. What is certain is that after his exploit at Confindustria it was the turn of the Labor leader Starmer. And nobody got it right.

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