Joker 2 announces epic plot details

We have new details about the plot of Joker 2. It seems that the story of the DC Comics sequel is very clear about what it wants to talk about.

Joker 2 has announced epic details about its plot. Production on the DC Comics movie recently began. This was during last December. And now a new behind-the-scenes image has revealed that the film’s working title is “Juliet.” But why does this advance important details about the story? What is Todd Phillips preparing with Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga?

The name of "Juliet" on the set of Joker 2

The image, purportedly taken on the set of the Joker 2 movie via @therealdruma on Instagram, shows the word “Juliet” framed by a silhouette of two people dancing. The silhouette matches the logo revealed in the first teaser of the long-awaited sequel. In it you can see the Clown Prince of Crime with a woman. Everything indicates that Lady Gaga will give life to Harley Quinn.

Why does “Juliet” have a lot of meaning for the plot?

Joker 2’s working title, “Juliet,” is a perfect choice for several reasons. The first installment began production with the provisional title of “Romeo.” This being a direct sequel, and in the case of a story that will revolve around the love of the villain with Harley Quinn, it makes sense that the sequel would adopt the title of “Juliet.” In this way, she pays homage to Romeo and Julietthe classic by William Shakespeare.

The pairing of these working titles seems to suggest that Joker 2 may have always been part of DC Comics’ plan. Despite Warner Bros. Discovery insisting that the first installment was meant to stand alone.

Given the connotations that the title carries, it seems that Joker 2 will be something of a love story that will explore the relationship between Harley Quinn and the Clown Prince of Crime. It is also rumored that this sequel will be told from Harley Quinn’s point of view. And the fact that “Juliet” is the working title certainly supports that idea.

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