Joker 2: Margot Robbie’s fandom attacks Lady Gaga for her signing

Yes, Joker: Folie deux be a musical. And yes, the long-awaited sequel will have Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillipsactor and director of the success of 2019 and a new addition: Lady Gaga. The singer and actress of A star has been born and the controversy the gucci house embody a new version of harley quinncast did not like too much fandom and the followers of actress Margot Robbie.

A story that has divided the fandom and that demonstrates how DC explores different versions of its characters

The sequel to joker remains a mystery in broad strokes, but it demonstrates those plans that Warner I was shuffling a few months ago: major DC characters with their own versions and independent stories. Following the success of Phillips and his joker In 2019, the major saw an open door to experiment with its properties in the publishing house, distancing itself from shared universes. The actress will therefore give life to a new version of Quinn, the Gotham Crime Clown romantic interest. Although it was Robbie who embodied her for the first time in suicide squad by David Ayer, then he had his own film, Birds of prey and appeared in the applauded the suicide squad by James Gunn.

Although they belong to two different lines and have nothing to do with each other, many fans have gone to social networks to explain their dissatisfaction with this supposed addition to the cast of Joker 2. Why do they choose Lady Gaga? though Margot Robbie has claimed that she needs a break of the character waiting for better ideas, it seems that the fans of the comic book villain are not entirely in agreement and are completely confused. This has already happened in the past with other casting decisions such as Ben Affleck as Batman, a fact that led the actor to rethink his future in those days as the bat man.

What we do know is that Phillips and Phoenix have opted for the riskier version of telling a new story focused on Arthur Fleck and his madness. The film will tell more about this character who started a criminal revolution in Gotham after his discontent with society and the situation of the city and its most disadvantaged inhabitants. How to fit Harley Quinn? Share with him the same feelings that everything is falling apart? Be a nurse or doctor trying to treat you? It seems that Joker 2 give a lot to talk about. And that sing.

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