Jolie, Depp and VIP relatives of Queen Elizabeth absent at the funeral


Over 500 heads of state and many people gave their last farewell to the monarch with the exception of a few famous people

Thousands of people went to Westminster Abbey on Monday 19 September to pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth. The state funeral was attended by political leaders, members of other royal houses, representatives of the Commonwealth and celebrities. The mother of the new King Charles III he had a special friendship with many personalities from the world of entertainment but there are some VIPs who, despite having a blood bond with The Queen, preferred to desert the event.

As revealed by the site Synopsis and El País, Tom Hanks he did not attend the funeral despite being a distant cousin of Elizabeth II. The actor is linked to the recently deceased ruler through King John I, known as John without land. Johnny Depp, also absent, is instead related by King Edward III. Other Hollywood stars are linked to the British monarchy. Hugh Grantfor example, he descends from the first king of the Tudors, Henry VII, father of Henry VIII and grandfather of Elizabeth I.

Robert Pattinson is a distant paternal cousin of William and Harry, descended from the Pickering family, who lived in northern England in the early 1500s. The Twilight star is also a relative of Vlad III of Wallachia, the cruel 15th century emperor. which inspired Bram Stoker for the famous novel Dracula.

Among the actresses related to Queen Elizabeth we find Hilary Duff. Lizzie McGuire’s protagonist is related to the British royal family through one of her ancestors, army officer Alexander Spotswood, 10th great-grandson of King Edward III. In short, the artist is Elizabeth’s eighteenth cousin. At the same time her ancestors included Catherine Carey, one of Queen Elizabeth I’s maids and illegitimate daughter of Maria Bolena and King Henry VIII.

The kinship of Angelina Jolie with the British royal family derives from his mother and dates back to King Philip II of France, son of Louis VII, who reigned in the twelfth century. Even the ex-husband Brad Pitt has a king in his family tree from his mother: Henry II of England. In addition, the star is Elizabeth II’s 20th cousin.

On the contrary the singer Beyonce she is a twelfth cousin of Queen Elizabeth as one of her ancestors was King Henry II. Brooke Shields descended from King Henry IV of France, who is distantly related to Lady Diana’s mother-in-law.

Famous people present at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

Elizabeth II had many friends and acquaintances in the entertainment world. As revealed by the Daily Mail, the presenter did not miss the funeral Bear Grylls. Then there were: the science communicator David Attenboroughthe composer Andrew Lloyd Webberthe actress Tilda Swintonthe tennis player Serena Williams, the singers Elton John and Paul McCartney, David Beckham and his wife Victoria.

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