Jolie to children: ‘Your questions are always the smartest’ – Cinema

Never before at the Casa del Cinema in Rome such a security service, worthy of a president of the United States. Lots of police forces and a dozen first-class bodyguards. In short, Angelina Jolie, accompanied by her colleague Kit Harington, in Rome to promote THE ETERNALS, a Marvel superhero film in cinemas from 3 November with Walt Disney, deserved all this for a particular reason: to meet about eighty kids aged between 10 and 12 years old from the Acquaroni Comprehensive Institute of Tor Bella Monaca, a neighborhood on the Roman outskirts, and from the ‘Antonio Magarotto’ Institute for the deaf.
A meeting organized by Alice nella Città and The Walt Disney Company Italia, where the questions were asked by these young kids who were happy, and not too surprised, to have a Hollywood superstar in front of them. The fact is that the actress, who has always been a social worker, UNHCR ambassador and with six children, including three adopted, at one point enthusiastically says to the audience: “I think your questions are particularly intelligent for a fact very simple: children are smarter than adults. Never forget this, don’t be confused and don’t always do the things they want you to do. The important thing is to stay united, because united you are much stronger “. There are those who ask with great simplicity as Valerio does: “How did you come up with the idea of ​​this film?” And who, like a deaf kid does, wants to know how the actors communicated with their colleague Lauren Ridloff, a truly deaf actress who plays Makkari.
Jolie, beautiful dressed simply in a cream sweater and wide pants, explains: “The Eternals are basically like a family and represent the world we live in. And of course there must be a superhero who is also deaf, what’s wrong with that? – adds Jolie – we learned a bit of sign language and Lauren, on the other hand, taught us how to represent our names with that language “. Among the many questions that Nicole asks? “Why did you come up with the idea of ​​monsters?” And who wants to know if the Queen of Eternals is really good or bad. And this among a thousand affectionate smiles and a lot of restrained laughter by a visibly happy Jolie. A few questions instead for Kit Harington who, however, at the end of the meeting, says the right thing: “This is definitely the best and funniest moment since we have been promoting the film. It’s fantastic”.


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