Jon Bon Jovi, his wife Dorothea and the three heavy blows to the stability of their three-decade marriage

Jon Bon Jovi married his high school sweetheart in 1989 and together they have had four children: Stephanie, Jesse, Jake – who is engaged to the ‘Stranger Things’ star – and Romeo.

This April 11, the star of stranger thingsMillie Bobby Brown He shocked the world by announcing that he has gotten engaged, at just 19 years old. “I’ve loved you for three summers already, darling, but Now I want them all” published, along with a photograph in which he also her crush Jake Bongiovi appears (twenty). The model son of the famous singer Jon Bon Jovi (61), who gave her a ring with a huge diamond.

Of course, the news caused quite a stir on the internet and thousands of netizens commented on their ages and their alleged immaturity. Many others congratulated them and predicted a great future for them. Among them, paris hiltonthe mother of Miley Cyrusthe actress Gabriella Pizzolo [Suzie en la serie] and Matt Bongiovi, her father’s brother Jon, who was also her manager. And it is that the Bongiovi have always been very close

In 1962, the Barber John Francis Bongiovi and the former playboy bunny Carol Bongiovi welcomed their first son Jon, who soon became an older brother to Matthew and Anthony. According to the singer, his childhood was ideal. Since childhood, he let flow his passion for music and his own accompanied him on the road. What’s more, according to the artist, his parents they convinced him that dreams could come true.

Jon Bon Jovi formed his first group in 1975, In 1984 he released his first album with his mythical band Bon Jovi and in 1986 he became world famous, thanks to You Give Love to a Bad Name and Livin’ on a Prayer. Even so, fame did not go to his head, since he had his best ground wire by his side: Dorothea Hurley (60), his girlfriend since high school.

Bon Jovi and Dorothea they got married in 1989, on a trip to Las Vegas, in an (almost) spontaneous way. “Our last album had gone to number one. I was happy, so I looked at Dorothea and said ‘I have an idea, let’s get married now!’ She asked me if I was crazy, but I told her that this was the perfect moment… So we ran to Nevada!”, revealed, in 2010, to Men’s Health, about “one of his best moments”.

A very short time later, the interpreter suffered a crisis. in 1991 the pressure of fame led him to suffer from anxiety and began intensive therapy. However, that did not stop his suicidal thoughts. “I collapsed physically and mentally. My wife was telling me to stop and I knew I had to. But, one day, going to see my psychiatrist, I thought I’d jump out of the moving car”, told the Sunday Mail.

Happiness returned to his life in May 1993, with the birth of their first daughter Stephanie. Two years later, Dorothea gave birth to jesse Bongiovi and, subsequently, the couple had two more children: Jake, born in 2002, and Romeo, born in 2004. According to Jon, he and his wife have always tried to raise their children in an atmosphere of love What’s more, Bon Jovi considers it a “blessing” to be able to inculcate values.

“The best thing I’ve done in life has been to have my children. The birth of the humans I’ve helped create is probably The biggest, most incredible thing I’ve ever been able to accomplish. It’s the closest you can get to touching the hand of God,” he told The Big Issuein 2020. Likewise, Dorothea often speaks emotionally about the children she has raised with the star. “My family is always the most important thing”, commented last year.

“We have focused on putting family first and make sure that our people are well,” he explained to Peoplein 2022, a decade after one of its toughest stages: the admission of his daughter Stephanie to a clinic. In 2012, the eldest of the Bongiovi was hospitalized, as a result of the opioid abuse. For example, morphine. “I would tell you that it was my worst moment as a father. It was a dreadful lesson for me, but I thank God that she’s okay now,” Jon confessed to the Daily Mirror, nine years ago.

On the other hand, when talking about Stephanie’s situation, Bon Jovi has highlighted how her family came together to help her. Just as it happened when he succumbed to a depressionbetween 2013 and 2015. “It was a very difficult time for me. I felt that he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. And, the truth is that I have not completely cured myself… But my wife has done phenomenally. Without her I wouldn’t have managed it.” declared, in 2016.

Currently, Jon Bon Jovi claims to be “in a good place” on a personal and professional level. Like his children, whom he supports unconditionally. Stephanie (29) is a TV cameraman, Jesse (28) owns a wine company, which produces an award-winning rosé, Romeo (19) “finds his way” and Jake is soon to marry Millie Bobby Brown, whom, according to numerous sources, the Bongiovi “adores”.

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