Jon Kortajarena surprises at the Cannes Film Festival with pink hair

The Cannes Film Festival is giving a lot to talk about since its inauguration. The red carpet ofhe French city has been filled with haute couture and looks that arouse opinions for all tastes.

Furthermore, so far the Cannes Film Festival has been marked by the return of Tom Cruisewho has returned through the front door after years of absence to present his latest movie ‘Top Gun: Maverick’along with his co-stars and has received the Palme d’Or of honor as a tribute to his extensive career.

The glamor of Hollywood floods La Croisette during these days for which stars of the stature of Eva Longoria, Viola Davis, Jennifer Connelly or Jon Hamm and was also attended by ‘top models’ like Adriana Lima, Toni Garn or the Basque model and actor, Jon Kortajarena.


Jon Kortajarena arrived on the Cannes red carpet as smiling and natural as ever and surprised with a radical change of look.

Following one of the latest trends in hair, the model and actor has dyed his hair pinkas other celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Edurne, María Pedraza, Chiara Ferragni or Cristina Pedroche did before.

The Basque caused a sensation in the French city, posing in the most friendly and fun way before the photographers presents and he showed off very proud of his new imagewith light pink hair and the dark rootsmaintaining its natural color.

Besides, the well-known model arrived in Cannes just a few hours before his birthdaywhich is most likely celebrating there, since This Thursday, May 19, Jon blows out 37 candles..


This It is not the first time that Kortajarena surprises with a change of lookIn fact, he has his fans more than accustomed to his hair changes.

A few months ago, he was already surprising by appearing dyed blonde: “I bleached my hair for a new movie. I have four months to get used to it, opinions?” He said then, in a publication that was soon filled with comments with all kinds of opinions, from those who praised the change to those who they recognized that it did not look bad on her, but they preferred her natural color.

Now, he has decided to go a step further and dare with pinka risky tone, not suitable for everyone, although if Jon has shown something over the years it is that he is not afraid of change.

It has gone through countless looks: shaved, with bangs, long, with a mustache, with waves€ and if something has become clear, especially for his fans, it is that whatever he wears, everything looks good on him.

How long will Jon Kortajarena’s new look last is a mysterybut for now has managed to conquer and become the center of all the flashes at the Cannes Film Festivalyes

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