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One of the most beloved youth bands of recent times were the Hermanos Jonas, who during their best moment visited our country. They first did it as part of “The Jonas World Tour” in 2009 and then returned in 2010, accompanied by Demi Lovato, to promote a movie they were going to star in on the Disney Channel.

Although many of their fans have grown, their desire to see them again, after 12 years, is still intact, and in fact, has increased thanks to rumors that the brothers would return in style with new music and a tour. Therefore, in this note we tell you how much their tickets could cost if they returned to Peru.

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Taking into account that the Jonas have not set foot in Peruvian territory for many years, the prices of the tour they had in Mexico in 2022 can be taken as a reference.

As reported Planet Radiohis long-awaited return to the stage would not be so cheap, since the tickets could go from 310 soles, the cheapest, to 1130 soles, which would be the ticket for the part closest to the stage.

Despite the fact that their presence in Peru has not been confirmed, the truth is that they are one of the most requested artists, since Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas They have not returned to Peruvian soil for more than a decade.


In his documentary for Prime Video, “Happiness Continues”the brothers showed exclusive content of everything that happened behind the scenes during one of their tours and took advantage of the moment to open up and talk about the breakup of the band in 2013.

“Calling it creative differences is too simple. I think a lot of people lost their desire for what we were doing. So, you know, we’d do shows that didn’t sell. We were making music that we weren’t super proud of. I was not connected”admitted Nick Jonas.

“I told them, ‘I feel like the Jonas Brothers should no longer continue, we must continue our separate journey.’ But it didn’t go so well.”added the youngest of the brothers, confirming that he was to blame for the separation.

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