Jonathan Bornstein is already in Honduras to play with Vida

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The new star of Vida has arrived! American soccer player Jonathan Bornstein, much loved in the country for his agonizing goal that qualified the Honduran National Team to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, arrived this Saturday to join the discipline of the Ceiba team.

Bornstein, 38, is the bomb signing of the National League, it was announced this week by Vida de La Ceiba and he is already in Honduras to complete his contract with the coconut trees and start working one week before the start of the Clausura 203 Tournament.

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“Everything is very good, excited to get here, to be with all of you in Honduras. Ready to arrive with Vida in La Ceiba ”, were the first words of the North American player upon his arrival at the Ramón Villeda Morales airport in San Pedro Sula.

He explained the reasons for coming to play Honduran soccer. “To continue growing as a person, as a player. Many years ago in that match against Costa Rica, the goal that changed the entire history of the United States, Costa Rica and Honduras, from that moment I have always been very fond of the Honduran people, I wanted to return here, meet the people and the country All for those reasons.”

The left back of Mexican descent knows the appreciation that the catrachos have for him. “I have realized coming here, since I signed, all the media, I have always received many messages from the Honduran people, in all the years, every October that passes the anniversary of the goal, they always show me a lot of love.”

Many fans see him as a soccer hero for that historic goal. “That’s what they tell me, I was just trying to do my best with the United States and the good things that happened in Honduras at that time as well,” he recalls with a smile.


Bornstein told the journalists who covered his arrival details about how the operation to sign for Vida took place, with whom he will sign a one-year contract (two championships).

“We were in contact, looking to be able to do something in Honduras, with the help of a representative, Maynor Sigüenza, who is from Roatán, he put me in touch with Luis (Cruz), we reached an agreement and now I’m here,” he declared. “He and I got in touch, we found a team and now here I am, happy,” he added about the agent.

He revealed that upon learning of his signing for Vida, he set about the task of finding out about the club. “I did a little research, I spoke with the owner, with the coach, we talked about past seasons, how the team was, so now, I liked the project they have and the people I was communicating with.”

Playing in Honduran soccer for Jonathan “represents a lot, I have a unique connection with the people here, for me personally it means a lot because in the past they have shown me a lot of support, darling, always wishing me the best, today I can go back a little of that love and affection”.

“It means a lot to me, to my family, everyone is excited that I’m coming back here, especially from what they’ve seen all these years, I’m ready to start the job,” he continued.

What have they told you about coming to Honduras? they asked him. “Life takes you to many places, this opportunity came to me and I am going to take advantage of it one hundred percent to continue growing as a player, as a human being, I am going to take advantage of all that adventure,” he replied.

Physically, he assures that he is “fine, I feel good, I kept up the time we stopped with the MLS. Of course, integrating a new team is always a process, it is not like overnight that you will be there contributing 100%, I understand that and I will do my best to integrate as quickly as possible”.

Jonathan Bornstein's smile for arriving in Honduras.

He was also questioned about whether he would retire from football after playing with Vida. “I can’t say that either, you never know how the body will resist, I’m going to maintain my discipline as always, I’m going to make a hundred effort and maintain it for the years that I have left.”

“The goal is to win a championship, the last few seasons from what they have told me, the team has been there fighting, maybe they lacked something at the end of the last season, hopefully they can learn from what they have done and also be able to contribute in this aspect with my experience to the youngsters and the entire team”.

The courts in Honduras are not the same as the United States. “I knew that, they all have to play on the same pitches, I’m going to get used to it as quickly as possible, but it’s football, people talk on the pitch and hopefully I can adapt to that quick pitch time.”

Lastly, he sent a message to the Honduran fans. “Thank you very much for the support, I’m just getting there, hopefully we can see each other in person these days, thanks for everything, let’s go for everything.”

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