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Jordy Caicedo committed ‘sports suicide’ when he left CSKA in Bulgaria in bad shape, where he was a leading figure and goalscorer. He left Europe to join the Tigres de Monterrey, a Mexican club where he failed miserably. The decision even had an impact on his marginalization from the list of 26 called up by the Tricolor for the Qatar 2022 World Cup because in the university team he was a substitute and his sports performance went down.

The 25-year-old native of Machala forced his departure from the Bulgarian team the previous June, when he was absent without justification. CSKA described Caicedo’s attitude as “unprofessional”. In a statement it was reported that due to “his lack of respect for the club and the team, the owners agreed that selling the Ecuadorian was the best option.”

Today Tigres already confirmed to Caicedo that he will not take him into account for the Clausura 2023 tournament that will start on Friday (although this draw will debut on Sunday). But his team, where he showed up to train for owning his sports rights, doesn’t know what to do with the striker because no team is interested in having him on loan.

‘Bad business’

The investment of more than $4 million made by the cats is called “bad business” by the Mexican press. And DT Diego Cocca also has problems. According to the Aztec portal bolavip “At this point, Jordy Caicedo represents a real headache for Diego Cocca, who doesn’t take him into account for the Tigres attack and at the same time he can’t get the striker he wanted to reinforce the team through his presence.”

It is mentioned that “six months after his arrival, what the royal club is really looking for is to be able to place him in another team. The problem is that Caicedo has played so little in the last semester that he has not been able to do much to seduce a club that wants to take over at least part of his salary. For the moment he is still in the team and with this he generates another complication linked to the number of foreigners allowed ”.

horrible numbers

In 16 games with Tigres, according to the specialized site Transfermarkt, Caicedo only started twice (the last one in September 2022), he recorded just one goal scored (six months ago) and of 1,440 possible minutes on the field the Ecuadorian was only in action at 542.

Almost a month ago, the Argentine coach Cocca said this at a press conference regarding the stay of the tricolor: “Jordy Caicedo was spoken to on behalf of the board to occupy the quota. We are also finishing finalizing details for the good of him and the club. The idea is that he does not play, but that he continues training, so that he is as good as possible, but not risk it in a friendly ”.

But since there is no squad interested in Caicedo’s services and neither in taking charge of his salary, a door opens for the attacker. According to the Monterrey sports press, “if there are no changes regarding this situation, it will be necessary to see if the Argentine coach ends up giving Caicedo a new opportunity to earn a place and if he is capable of offering him solutions that he did not expect.” (D)

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