Jorge Campos was a fashion visionary and the new ‘Barbie’ film proves it

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

A few days ago the paparazzi managed to capture photos of the recording set of the tape ‘Barbie’ starring Margot Robbie, played the blonde doll, and Ryan Gossling, who will play Ken, where they can be seen skating and wearing some looks very striking with pink and fluorescent green prints.

The attire of the actors was quickly compared by users of social networks in Mexico with the uniforms that goalkeeper Jorge Campos used to wear during the 1990s, for which jokes and memes began to emerge.

Some people like @ricalegorreta pointed out that it was a tribute to the soccer player: “I really like the tribute they will pay to Jorge Campos, Margot Robbie (Barbie) and Ryan Gosling (Ken) in the next live-action ‘Barbie’ movie.”

“Jorge Campos is recognized by Hollywood in the movie ‘Barbie’, for being the best goalkeeper in soccer history,” wrote @Gerardo10008082.

The user @RafaDato2 pointed out that Campos was the one who inspired the looks that will be used in the film: “Jorge Campos inspired the looks of the Barbie movie.”

They also joked that a biographical tape of the former soccer player was actually being filmed as @mr_no: “I love that a biopic of the great national treasure that is Jorge Campos is finally being made. The casting is what doesn’t convince me, ‘Brody’ is more handsome”.

They also made montages where they replaced Gosling with fields and many more creative memes:

Who was the designer of Jorge Campos’ uniforms?

In an interview that Jorge Campos gave to the Bola VIP portal in 2021, he was questioned about the origin of his colorful uniforms, to which he replied that, in the 1990s in his native Acapulco, Guerrero used to wear multicolored shirts and shorts and he wanted wear that when playing.

Regarding who the designer was, he revealed that he himself was the one who devised them: “I liked to design, a friend in Acapulco had his clothing brand and we started making, I asked him for some designs, to change this yes, this no, to change to whatever I liked and little by little I improved the uniforms”.

“I always liked the theme of design, marketing and that’s how it happened, very natural, I never looked for something different, I wanted to feel comfortable, something that I liked and something that reminded me of surfing in Acapulco, on the beach,” Campos added.

In that conversation they also asked him if he would design them differently now, to which ‘el Brody’ replied: “I wouldn’t change them much, if at that time it became fashionable, now they continue to use them, I think I wasn’t much wrong”.


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