Jorge Sampaoli, expulsion in Seville vs. Cádiz: the Argentine strategist received two yellow cards in just seconds and withdrew from the field | Santander League | VIDEOS | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

With the madness that characterizes him and the strong character, Jorge Sampaoli he had to go to the locker room after being sent off in the game of Seville vs. Cadiz for angrily complaining before a judge who, without complications, showed two yellow cards in a matter of seconds. Thus, continuing with the claims, he had to withdraw from the field of play to continue the game.

Seville is not part of one of its best seasons, the Andalusian team is complicated with the issue of relegation and wants to win to get out of the last places. The tension is transferred to all the members of the team, including the DT who has shown his euphoria in the match.

The 58th minute of the game was running and the claims from the technical zone became constant. Apparent shouting seemed to bother the main judge who approached to quickly admonish Jorge Sampaoli. The Argentine did not stop with the claims and it was so that he proceeded to get the second yellow card.

With a notorious confusion, Sampaoli remained euphoric and the public could not believe how this expulsion was given in just 3 seconds. Shortly after the start of the second half, the Sevilla squad saw their manager go to the locker room. For now, the score remains a goalless tie.

The discussion between Sampaoli and a journalist

Sampaoli experiences a tense climate at all times and this was seen prior to the restart of the Spanish championship in December. “It’s okay. You need a title, I’ll give it to you later”, he told ‘Tito’ González, a journalist from ‘Deportes Cuatro’, when he wanted to reply to his question. “Yes? Voucher…”, the communicator replied.

There is a very important meeting for Sevilla in which the current leaders can continue or change. Does that worry you? Are you interested in this matter or do you see it from afar?”González questioned him, diverting the dialogue from sports to leadership, a topic that the Argentine coach obviously does not like to talk about.

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