José Blanco, new manager of Materno-Insular

He is the current head of the Intensive Medicine service and Transplant coordinator of the aforementioned complex l The Government refuses to explain the reasons for the dismissal of Alejandra Torres

Odra Rodriguez Santana

The current head of Intensive Medicine and Transplant coordinator of the Insular Hospital of Gran Canaria will replace Alejandra Torres as managing director of the Insular Maternal and Child University Hospital Complex (CHUIMI), an appointment with which Blas Trujillo, Minister of Health, intends to
“refine the cohesion” of its management team.

This was indicated by Julio Pérez, spokesman for the Canary Islands Government, at the press conference after the Governing Council, in which he avoided “putting an eye” on the reasons for the dismissal of his predecessor because, as he stressed, the important thing is the ”
team remodeling for the perfection of the coordination, cohesion and improvement of the efficiency of the activity of the hospital complex».

Alejandra Torres learned of the decision to dismiss her as head of the CHUIMI management by the director of the Canary Islands Health Service, Elizabeth Hernández. The gynecologist and former manager maintained some
differences and discrepancies with the health administration related to the management of the care activity and the team of professionals. The last of these, the dismissal of Alicia Martín, head of Maternity’s Gynecology and Obstetrics, after receiving a letter from her four section heads expressing their disagreement with her management at the head of the service, which caused some discomfort within a service that in recent years has received several national awards for quality of care.

The replacement of Torres at the head of the hospital has been demanded on different occasions by the staff of the health center who criticize the
“serious situation” care suffered by the health center, the “precariousness” of professionals and the “obsolete infrastructure” in which they practice due to their “disastrous management.”

The Government dismisses Alejandra Torres as manager of the Insular Materno

new manager of the southern area hospital complex, however, he is not unaware of the problems that accuse the facility since he was deputy medical director with Víctor Naranjo as manager in the previous legislature.

White will be on the table on
discomfort of healthcare professionals before the perennial
collapse of the emergency service of the Insular hospital, the
care overload in consultations and hospitalization as well as a new delay in the demolition of the
University College of Las Palmas (CULP) for a defect in the technical project and the bidding process of the
new maternity-child toweramong other matters.

Training and trajectory

Blanco López has a degree and
Doctor of medicine and surgery from the University of Salamanca and
intensive medicine specialist. She has a Higher Diploma in Health Management and Management and a Specialization in Clinical Management. She also completed an Executive Master’s in Business Administration and a university course of Specialization in Health Management in Intensive Medicine.

Throughout his professional career, he has assumed different responsibilities in the field of healthcare management and assistance. Until now, he held the positions of
Head of the Intensive Medicine service and medical coordinator of Transplants of the Insular-Maternal and Child University Hospital Complex. Previously, he was the medical coordinator of transplants for the complex and deputy medical director of the Hospital Universitario Insular de Gran Canaria.

Likewise, he was responsible for the Neurotrauma Unit of the Intensive Medicine service of the Dr. Negrín University Hospital of Gran Canaria and assistant physician of Intensive Medicine at both university hospitals in Gran Canaria.

In turn, he worked as a tutor for Intensive Medicine residents at the Dr. Negrín Hospital.

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