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“Pancho (Cevallos) had warned me that there were players who were sold.” With this phrase, the Uruguayan Leonardo Ramos, a former Barcelona coach, questioned the performance of several players in the semifinal of the Ecuador Cup that was played on October 30, 2019 in Manta, where Delfin eliminated, winning 3-0 , to the bullfighters, who came into that duel with a 4-1 lead from the first leg.

‘We are not aware that players have been sold’, the response of José Francisco Cevallos to the complaint of Leonardo Ramos, ex-DT of Barcelona SC

In that commitment, Ramos sent the following formation: Máximo Banguera; Pedro Velasco, Darío Aimar, Frickson Erazo, Mario Pineida; Gabriel Marques, Sebastián Pérez, Marcos Caicedo (Richard Calderón, 70 min), Damián Díaz; Fidel Martínez (Byron Castillo, 50 min), Leonardo Campana (Jonatan Álvez, 46 min).

During a conversation this Thursday with the program throwing walls, from Uruguay, the Uruguayan trainer commented that “strange” things happened in the days prior to the rematch with the cetaceans, which at that time were directed by Fabián Bustos.

“At home we won 4-1 and we had a great ride. And we are going to play where Delfín (to Manta) and, with a draw or a goal, we were already (in the final); they had to make us more than three goals. The week before, Pancho (Cevallos) came to tell me that there was a rumor of players who were sold, and I told him: ‘You have to get them out, Pancho’, and he replied: ‘I can’t get them out’, because the re-election (presidential); and I insisted that we couldn’t have them here,” said the 52-year-old Uruguayan.

“In the first half, it was to win at least 3-0 easily. In the second, a player (cetacean) is going to raise a cross from the right end, and there was a hand from the side (from Mario Pineida); I took it as something internal, and I saw something strange, and I didn’t say anything. The other goal came. And the players who had told us (who apparently were sold) were the entire left sector and the goalkeeper; that’s what they told me,” he added.

Dolphin thrashed Barcelona 3-0 and is a finalist in the Ecuador Cup

Ramos aimed his cannons at the goalkeeper of that time: Máximo Banguera, who is currently in the Manabi team.

“The third goal was the greatest of all: (he was charged) a foul a little further from the halfway line. Normally the players are placed (to score) on the line of the large area, for when the center is thrown. I yelled at him to go further back (to Banguera), that is, on the line of the large area. There was a filtered ball in front and the goalkeeper did not come out, and the (local) goal came, ”he explained.

“That’s when I turned around and said: ‘It’s over.’ In the tunnel (of Jocay), Pancho came crying, because his re-election was at stake, and I told him that we weren’t going any further. Then (upon entering the dressing room) our psychologist stopped me, who told me: ‘Don’t make a mess’, because it was going to be a lack of control, a free fight, and we killed each other, “added the trainer.

Ramos confessed that later, at the hotel where they stayed in Manta, he told the squad that he was going to leave, and that Damián Díaz and Matías Oyola (who is currently in Guayaquil City) asked him not to leave.

“I told them: ‘Guys, I’m here, because there are a couple of players who have made mistakes.’ They went to my bedroom to try to convince me. Today I say that it was a mistake to have left; I shouldn’t have done it,” Ramos concluded. (D)

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