Jose Juan Morcillo: Tamara’s Papaya

Tamara Falco served Filipino-style papayas to her wedding guests. They were personalized papas; The couple’s initials were engraved on the wooden handle, which when superimposed looked like the logo of a multinational company or the solvent Zoldin. I prefer the fan because it is more ours, more solid and lets more air. The papaya’s handle must be held gently, I say this from experience; Three fingers is enough, because if the passion and heat confuse you, the raffia breaks and you’re left with a handle in your hand and no windows. The talk about Filipino papai has made some people wonder whether it was the mother who chose the details or it was the daughter who wanted to keep it with Doña Isabel, not Pantoja, who always had classes.
The fact that one of them got into the hands of a person who put it up for sale at an exorbitant price in an application specializing in second-hand items could never have been better said. The waste materials of the rich are, for many workers and eccentrics, objects of desire, with the sale of which they can invite their relatives for a weekend in a hotel in Benidorm, all-inclusive. The relics of martyrs and visionaries no longer earn money, as in the Middle Ages, except for the miraculous hand of the Holy Carmelite, who blessed the crusaders by being well-oriented on the nightstand. What remains now are Lady Gaga’s blood-stained fingernails, the handkerchief Messi used to wipe away his tears and pain when saying goodbye to Barca, the pizza box that Bruce Springsteen asked for manna from his hotel room, the handkerchief that Raphael had given an impromptu sermon or a fan after Papai de la Falco.
When Tamara spoke, it was hard for me to understand her because her tongue spun out of control in her mouth, like a timer dancing across the sky on her palate. Someone noticed, and since she started appearing on television programs, Sinhueso has recovered and now only does short dances. But with the Pappas, it is not necessary to talk about their code of looks and fanning, and at Tamara’s wedding, which, unlike the one in Canaan, was lacking nothing, there were hundreds of them, all agitating as if That procession in one. Butterflies, coated paper papies and a tattoo on the handle, a dark and smoked handle, like a relic.

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