José Luis returned, enlisted in the army and returned to the US; I was in the Texas trailer

San Miguel Huautla, Oax.— It was on Sunday, June 12, that José Luis “G” left his native community of Cerro Verde, in the municipality of San Miguel Huautla, in the Mixteca region of Oaxaca, to migrate north in search of a better life. His future is uncertain, he is now hospitalized and he is one of the 11 survivors of an abandoned trailer in Texas, in which 53 migrants died.

José Luis, 32 years old, had just returned to his town, he had been enlisted in the Mexican Army, his uncle Epifanio López Hernández tells EL UNIVERSAL, who narrates that he also emigrated to the United States once to support his family, because in the town only survives.

“God knows what was his reason for grabbing and leaving, because like everyone else, we want to improve the economy and it’s a little difficult to leave, but it’s better because you earn money,” he says.

That day, José Luis left with one of his cousins, Javier Flores “L”, who until yesterday was listed as missing.

“There is no work other than pure field work, for that reason, because of necessity, to seek a better life, that is why people leave,” says Don Epifanio, as he stops with his yoke of oxen. Living off the land, he explains, “is difficult”, for example, by now the milpa should be growing, but due to the lack of rain, the peasants hardly plant.

According to official figures, Oaxaca is one of the states with the highest rates of migrants, in addition, the entity is in seventh place in remittance income with 625.16 million dollars in the first quarter of 2022. However, for In the municipality of San Miguel Huautla, remittances barely reached 3,961 dollars in the first quarter of the year, according to the Bank of Mexico.

The residents of Cerro Verde comment that few young people migrate, and when they leave, they take time to return. Here, one barely survives from the countryside, and from the production of handicrafts with palm, which are poorly paid: “They barely pay us 10 pesos per hat,” says Leónides Pérez, who has dedicated his entire life to making these garments. Other families are dedicated to grazing sheep, goats and cattle, they detail.

On Tuesday afternoon, relatives and neighbors of the community, of just 143 people, learned that among the survivors of the trailer was the young José Luis.

Irma Vásquez López, his aunt, acknowledges that she did not know about the young man’s departure or the accident: “I did not know that my nephew had left, until yesterday I found out; everything that is happening is very unfortunate, ”she expresses.

His grandmother, Sirenia López, sobs over the tragedy that accompanies the family: “I would like to go see my grandson, but I can’t, he’s too far away.”

José Luis’s relatives are not the only ones waiting for news from him. Likewise, the relatives of Javier, who has six children. The last time he communicated with Luz Velasco was on Thursday, June 23.

“He told me he was fine, not to worry, it was the last time he spoke to me. Yesterday we found out about the accident and well, we don’t know anything,” says Luz.

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