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Last March 18 Jose Manuel Figueroa shared a video on his Instagram account where he performs the song ‘Forbidden fruit’which Ana Barbara He assures that he wrote and that he has legally registered.

In the clip, Joan Sebastian’s son says at the beginning that the song is his: ” Something that was stolenbut that he is already returning to the El Becerro ranch” and winks at the camera a couple of times. In addition, the publication is accompanied by the following message: “‘Forbidden fruit’… Rescued my songs and compositions, even if he leaves the El Becerro ranch, he returns the cow to the rustler”.

Ana Bárbara reacts to José Manuel Figueroa’s statements

“I need to see it to give you the exact information from my point of view, but if that’s how he said that with those words, that song is his, well what provokes me is machismobecause ‘Oh, Ana Bárbara couldn’t write ‘Forbidden Fruit!'”, he said in an interview with ‘Venga la alegría’.

She assured that she is the author of the song: “Of course and I wrote ‘Qué poco’, I wrote ‘No es brujería’, I wrote ‘Actually’ by Ángela Aguilar and I wrote many others more than 25 years ago, my works are perfectly in order and registered,” he said.

Ana Bárbara points to José Manuel Figueroa as “misogynist”

The 51-year-old singer expressed her annoyance at Figueroa’s statements and made it clear that her musical works are legally registered.

“It would be very unfortunate if a misogynistic commentbecause that makes me feel, that they cannot accept that a woman makes a song of those characteristics so cool… such as ‘Fruta Prohibida’ and from day one that I made ‘Te quese Olvidar’, which I recorded on a disc twenty-odd years ago, they are duly clear and registered”.

“There is no situation at least legal, that it is something that she did not do, it would be something horrible and hopefully if she did, she would think about it because it would be horrible,” the Mexican added in the interview with the morning newspaper.

‘Forbidden fruit’, theme that Los Elegidos launched

In 2004, Antero and Pancho Ugalde, brothers of Ana Bárbara, formed the group Los Elegidos and in 2005 they released the song ‘Fruta Prohibida’ to the rhythm of the band.

The video clip of the song was starred by the actress Vanessa Guzmán and Francisco Ugalde, one of the vocalists.

In 2021 Ana Bárbara recorded the song with a new version.

The love story of Ana Bárbara and José Manuel Figueroa

In 2001 the famous singers began a relationship that lasted only one year, because according to some journalists, such as Alejandra Izarrarás, Jose Manuel Figueroa he was unfaithful to the singer.

Joan Sebastian’s son has said that the interpreter of ‘Bandido’ has been a very important woman in his life.

“Ana Bárbara Altagracia, ‘La Peque’, is a person who whenever she comes to mind fills my soul with songs, it is a relationship that had beautiful things, I was fortunate to be able to share the music with someone, of which she share his music with me. He was a human being who taught me that landscapes can become infinite and he is a human being that I really have great affection for and great love for, “he said in 2019 in ‘Sale el sol’.


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