Joseph Quinn: Who is the actor of ‘Stranger Things 4’ and his series

If you are a fan of good series, surely you know perfectly Joseph Quinn and his character in Stranger Things 4 But, did you know that he was also part of the cast of one of the most watched series in the world? We tell you everything you need to know about the actor who gives life to Eddie Munson.

Who is Joseph Quinn, the actor who plays Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 4?

Born in London, England, Joseph Quinn has become one of the favorite actors of the moment thanks to his excellent work giving life to Eddie Munson, the character of ‘Stranger Things 4’ that even the very same camera has been stolen Millie Bobby Brown.

But long before becoming the ideal friend that we all would like to have, this British actor has an impressive career on the small screen, since with only a decade of experience he has participated in some of the best series in the world. Some of his most memorable performances we remember the following:

Joseph Quinn and the series in which he appears


In 2015, our beloved ‘Eddie’ was part of the famous English series based on the tales of Charles Dickens, where we saw him shine on more than one occasion.

The Miserables

In 2019, Joseph Quinn was part of the cast of the miniseries based on the novel by Víctor Hugo giving life to Enjorlas (leader of the student association), in this production he shared credits with great talents such as Lily Collins, Olivia Colman and Dominic West.

With only 10 years of experience, Joseph Quinn has achieved international fame thanks to his participation on the small screen.

Catherine the Great

Apparently the big productions and period series are the actor’s favorites since he was part of the series based on the life of the Russian empress who was played by Helen Mirren, this young actor being one of her heirs (tsarevich Paul) in the successful miniseries.

Game of Thrones

In 2019, the young actor who at that time was beginning to become one of the favorite faces of the moment, participated in one of the most expensive series in the world during an episode on the HBO series final seasonas a soldier of the Stark house, remember?

stranger things

This 2022 finally came the golden opportunity to Joseph Quinn, since thanks to the successful series by the Duffer brothers, he gave life to one of the most charismatic characters of its fourth season, catapulting his career to world stardom thanks to his role as Eddie. Without a doubt we all cried with the end that was given to his character.

How old is Joseph Quinn?

Perhaps one of the most recurring questions about the actor is how old he really is and despite the fact that he gave life to a teenager in ‘Stranger Things 4’, in reality he is much older than he seems since he was born on May 15, 1993, so he is currently 29 years old.

What is Joseph Quinn’s Instagram?

If you want to know a little more in detail the life of the actor, the sensation of the moment, we have good news for you since he does have an Instagram account. Since his success in his most recent character as Eddie he has started uploading more content and you can search for him as @josephquinn.

Who are Joseph Quinn’s parents?

This actor, who is also dedicated to modeling, has sought to keep his private life as discreet as possible, which is why until now the name of his parents has been kept secret, but if it is known that he comes from a fairly traditional family nucleus, since his father is a businessman and his mother is dedicated to the home. What has been revealed is that he has three brothers Lizzy Quinn, Mary Quinn and Arthur, (who is also into acting).

What was the character of Joseph Quinn in Game of Thrones?

Despite the fact that he had a very small participation in the episode ‘the spoils of war’, of the seventh season, the actor who gave life to Koner (a soldier of the Stark house), left very good impressions thanks to his great participation in one of the best and most viewed series of all time.

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