Journalist and relatives assaulted in the Higüey basilica

About 45 minutes were enough for a family to go from contemplating together the iconic Virgin of Altagracia that rests on the Basilica of Higuey to be left with nothing but the clothes they had on after being victims of an assault in the parking lot of the catholic sanctuary.

This is an episode that happened to live Listin Diario journalist Shaddai Eves, who during a family trip to the eastern part of the country, stopped with his family to contemplate the iconic temple and when leaving to board the two vehicles in which the group moved, the pieces on the floor of the hinges of the doors announced the crime.

More than four suitcases, two handbags, her personal documentation, her relatives, including a sister recently arrived from abroad, and everything they had left inside were taken from them at approximately three o’clock in the morning. Saturday afternoon.

“They took all our luggage, everything,” Eves emphasized, while stating that because it is a religious space of that magnitude, “no one imagined that this could happen”.

“It is also a tourist place and one assumes that it is safe,” he added.

In the midst of surprise, indignation and fright combined in a single feeling, the communicator went to the members of the security body of the place, who, according to what she said, “They did nothing”.

“They (those in charge of surveillance) took it as ok, go and file the complaint in the detachment,” he narrated.

In that sense, he added that he is overwhelmed by a feeling of shame because his older sister had more five years without visiting his land birth and the same period without going to the virgin, which had become a tradition during his trips to the Dominican Republic.

This situation was horrible, she (the sister) said how is it that I am in my country after so much time that happensEves said.


The journalist also specified that after the incident she was able to realize that in the basilica of Higüey “There is no security that works, there are no cameras anywhere, there is no Politur team that will do a crime investigation or a report, there is no security at all.”

Likewise, Eves indicated that when he presented himself at the nearest detachment to file the complaint, he met other people who arrived with the same purposes; report robberies.

“We met with several girls who were reporting that bags were taken from them in the surroundings,” she said.

Despite the situation that interrupted the planned vacation, Eves said she feels calm because “at least” the assault was not in the presence of the family.

“We are very grateful to God that nothing happened to us and we are all fine, but it was something very painful,” said the journalist.

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