Journey through a video clip: where some of the most famous C. Tangana, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift were filmed

true short films that accompany the release new music theme – Some of them authentic works of art that have been recognized with some of the biggest awards in the industry like the Grammys or the MTV Video Music Awards – In addition to storytelling with music, Video Clip They are sometimes great creations that take us to fascinating corners of the world.

Big cities, paradise beaches and fairytale castlesIn addition to watching them on loop, watch video clips from our favorite artists C. Tangana, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey or Taylor Swift They also become an excuse to discover new destinations and, who knows, inspire the next vacation.

In fact, according to a report booking.comtill 30% of the Spanish travel community You’ll want to take advantage of the holidays to experience the culture you saw in a show or movie, so it’s no surprise that music videos are a source of inspiration, too.

The video clip You Left Me Wanting was recorded at the Edificio España. Photo: Riu Hotels & Resorts.

New York, Budapest, Seoul or Madrid They are among the cities that have been hidden in some of the world’s most famous video clips.

C. Tangana – Madrid (Spain)

From Madrid, of which he is proud of his surname and an album of the same name, c. hanging He is one of the artists who has the most madrid awarded With your music and video clips.

example of this is his video you stopped loving me It is lodged in one of the most iconic buildings of the city the making of spain (today Hotel Riu) is an establishment located in the Plaza de España, a 26-storey skyscraper designed by architect julian otamendi And today it is particularly known for its terrace, a 360º view point over the rooftops of Madrid with views of Plaza España, Campo del Morro gardens, Casa de Campo, the Royal Palace or the Gran Vía.

Anyone who lives here can rent presidential Suite From Madrid to Heaven, where C. Tangana appears to sing, and visit him special pool On the heights overlooking the city.

The suite’s view from Madrid to Heaven. Photo: Riu Hotels & Resorts.

But this is not the only location that C. Tangna has used as a set for his video clips.

side by side with filmmakers Santos Bacana, The director of her music videos at the production company little spainThree buildings with a marked Brutalist aesthetic flaunted in their video clips, which are distinguished by the use of concrete without showiness or painting, minimalism in lines, angular geometric shapes or monochromatic color palette, etc.

especially White Towers Building from Madrid, by architect Francisco Javier Sanz de Ouiza where was it recorded fools, Saint’s Church ana in Moratalaz, by the architect miguel fisakview of many women, And this Carvajal HouseDesigned by the architect as a family home Javier Carvajal in Pozuelo de Alcorcón, where it was recorded eat you whole

White Towers. Photo: Barbora Vrzakova | to tear off

in the latter, the stars that are actress barbara lenny, It is also possible to recognize one of Madrid’s hundred-year-old restaurants by the way hardy (and its famous stew) and other places in the city such as Lepanto Gardens, opposite the Royal Palace. Pure canny art.

Lana Del Rey – Fontainebleau (France)

Just an hour south of Paris by car is the impressive Château of Fontainebleau. house of King Louis XIIIThis extensive forest and palace was used to film the music video born to Die of Lana Del Rey, the Queen of Pop.

Fontainebleau Palace. Photo: Stephen K. , to tear off

It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, although it is often offbeat because of its Versailles influence. splendid chapel (consecrated by Thomas Beckett and where Lana Del Rey is crowned as the new queen), Gallery and Grounds Images of this 12th-century palace appear in a romantic but sinister short, accompanying the album’s title track.

the other side has a video enabled Combine Classical and Renaissance Style with palace complex 100% American Symbiosis Featuring the artist.

Lana del Rey in the chapel of the Palace of Fontainebleau.

At the moment you can tour the palace through various tours and see the beautiful surrounding forest Getting to know the city of Fontainebleau on foot or by bicycle, as well as plenty Shops, Bars and RestaurantsFrom some Michelin stars to street food stalls where you can try Fontainebleau, a French dessert A traditional dish made with whipped cream and fresh cottage cheese, served with red fruits.

BTS & Halsey – Seoul (South Korea)

For anyone who wants to visit the place where the video clip was filmed, which holds the record for the fastest most views and is the winner of the Best K-Pop Video category in 2019. Seoul.

Here he recorded the South Korean boy band bts and american singer halsey your success boy with love The choreography and pale pink outfits that left an imprint on our retinas.

Seoul is a megacity, but it is also a city of contrasts. Photo: Korea Tourism.

liberal where they are, in seoul they co-exist Modern skyscrapers, avant-garde subways and pop culture With Buddhist temples, palaces and street markets.

For this reason, a visit to the city may include the following k pop class Learn to dance like them instantly for image changing and recording your own music in the studio. And why not make a 30 second music video with the feel of being a K-pop singer.

Changing of the Guard ceremony at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul. Photo: Korea Tourism.

after that you can visit Gwangjang Market and savor delicious street food and specialty dishes bindaetok (Green Soy Pancake) or Mayank Gimbap (Seaweed Roll). True BTS fans can come here too Otsu Seiromushi Restaurant One of its members, Jin, serves Japanese cuisine near Seokchon Lake.

Katy Perry – Budapest (Hungary)

The song won the Music Video of the Year category at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. firework Of katy perry was recorded with pbudapest night city profile as background.

shows for video the streets From stories of city youth who have felt isolated or marginalized to those who are now brimming with confidence, heroes who were chosen in an open call that attracted more than 30,000 people.

Danubius Hotel Astoria. Photo

He Buda Castle and Astoria Hotel Video consists of two shots, including an aerial view of the city Széchenyi or Chain Bridge.

To recreate the night scene of the video, a good idea is Sunset Cruise on the Danube River and admire illuminated landmarks like Buda Castle, Matthias Church and Gellert Hill.

In addition it is also necessary Buda Castle Guided TourIt would be better if it was directed by a historian who would be able to reveal all its secrets.

The Gellert Baths are one of the most famous in Europe. Photo: Hungarian Tourism.

And, of course, both Buda to the west and Pest to the east of the Danube River are splendid examples of architecture, mineral-rich thermal baths and a handful of quaint restaurants and bars, ‘ruin bars’.

Taylor Swift, Bedford (New York, USA)

Although many of his subjects have captivated the world, we choose from Taylor Swift Lyrics and Music Videos all too wellFrom 2021, a short film that took the internet by storm and won important awards.

In the story, Swift’s directorial debutThe two actors star in an emotional and tumultuous relationship, all in the context of a getaway in the north of the state, with outdoor scenes filmed Bedford Area of New York State.

This isn’t the home of a Taylor Swift video clip but you can be here. Photo: Bedford Post Inn.

city, located in Westchester Countyis a regular place New Yorkers seek to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lush rolling hills and stately homes are perfect for a romantic getaway and to recharge your batteries, for example, the Bedford Post Inn, a luxury hotel designed and owned by Bedford Post Inn. Richard Gere and his wife, Carrie Lowell.

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